Ten years, to be exact.

One decade.

More than a third of my life.

On this day, ten years ago, Andy and I decided to “make it official”.

And we’ve never looked back.

Who knew what started as nothing more than a family friend showing me around our local community college campus would grow  into the life we have built today.

I remember him back when I thought boys were gross…playing laser tag & eating pizza with him when my uncle would come into town. And, I’ll be honest, at 14 years old when he would come over to do Bio101 projects with my sister, I had a huge crush on him, but never imagined us married.

Words cannot begin to describe the love and admiration I have for this man and just how blessed I am to call him my husband, father of my child, best friend and partner in life.

3 years of dating. 1 year of engagement. 6 years of marriage.

These ten years have given us many blessings as well as many trials. Sometimes a roller coaster. But with one thing remaining constant. Him by my side.

And so, with that…

Here’s to ten  more decades.

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