Distance makes the heart grow…crazy?

Right now as I sit on the couch and scan my living room I see a basket of clothes that needs to be folded. A basket of clothes waiting to be put away. A stack of pillows on a chair. My gym back, yoga mat and picnic blanket on another chair. And the floor is scattered with various toys, baby dolls, a half-played game of Candy Land and some suit cases.

But instead of milling about picking up the clutter here I sit.

Listening to a sound that I have missed so much.

The whole house is quiet but for this one noise.

His voice. Reading our little girl a story before nap.

Oh how I have missed that voice.

I’m not going to lie, I have relished in the quiet during his absence. There’s times I like nothing more than to sit in silence. These last 12 days, after the Monster was in bed, there was plenty of silence to be had.

However, if I had to choose silence or the sound of his strong, reassuring, comforting voice there would be no contest as to which I would choose.

Going on ten years together we have never been apart for that long. I know the actual saying is “Distance make the heart grow fonder” and I would agree with that statement up to about day 5. After that point it’s crazy.

All day yesterday while I counted down the seconds minutes hours until I got to pick him up from the airport I was like a giddy teenager. My stomach had butterflies. My heart pounded.  I couldn’t stop smiling. See? Crazy.

I swear I love that man more now than I did 10 years ago. Watching him with our daughter. Seeing his face light up when he got to drive his Cruiser for the first time in 4 years. The calmness that is about him just because it’s Summer.

My heart? It overflows. It gushes. It causes me to write mushy “I just threw up in my mouth” type posts.

But you guys? I missed that voice.

6 thoughts on “Distance makes the heart grow…crazy?

  1. Karey


    I love it! That's exactly how it's SUPPOSED to be!

    Glad you and Ry made it through (with flying colors, I'm sure!)!

  2. Haley Lyons

    I threw up a little in my mouth… not gonna lie. ;-) Still a very sweet post and hopefully today when the hubs irritates me with whatever he's doing to irritate me I'll think "what would I do without you?" and let it go.

  3. Lilmissrysmama

    HA! I kind of threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read it before publishing! I even second guessed myself before hitting the publish button!

    Ask me how I'm feeling in another week! :)


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