Serious Nerd Alert!!

You guys? Friday night I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. And after I ate as much pizza as I did, it’s a good thing I laughed as hard as I did…you know, extra calorie burning and all.

Since my sis from Chicago was in town for the weekend, we had a family dinner at our dad’s house with all of his brothers and sisters. I’ve blogged about it before, but when we all get together we laugh a lot.

This night was no exception, but instead of laughing about my family’s crazy neighbors when they were growing up, we had a slide show.

Straight outta the early 90’s ya’all.

And I learned something this night…

When Derek W broke up with me in the 8th grade for being to weird? He kinda had a point. Oye. These photos are from years before that, but as you’ve seen here and here, I really haven’t changed at all.

Please excuse the poor quality iphone photo from a slide projector screen, but you get what you get and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

Now, let me be your tour guide through this walk down memory lane…

Here’s a shot from the summer of 1989. My whole family went back to Wisconsin for a big family reunion. This one isn’t weird, it just makes me happy. Notice the shoe box in my sister’s hand? Yea, we brought home a wild turtle we found in the middle of the road while we were out there. Airplane regulations have only changed a little since, ammiright? heh.
Now we’re in the early 90’s. Here I am wearing a super-sweet blue visor and pretending I know how to play the piano. Fun fact: That piano is still in that same exact spot!

I think I’m showing off the pilgrim style grocery bag vest I made. Also sporting my dad’s smokey the bear hat, killer shades, a glow bracelet and no front teeth. EPIC.

We’re now in the “francis era” as I like to call it…or should I say as my sister’s like to call me. Somewhere around 2nd grade my mom decided to cut my hair. You guys remember Francis from Swiss Family Robinson? Yes, that. Also? Check out those hot pants. Pretty sure my mom made those.

Ok excuse my language but Ho-Ly SHIT! Wow. At least I can honestly say this was Halloween so there was some sort of justification for this hot mess.

Unfortunately, there’s no justification for this hot mess. What you can’t see, is that I have a pilgrim style hat and shirt cover thingie that I’m modeling. The next slide was a shot from Thanksgiving. And I kind of wish I still had those socks.

Fast forward to my senior prom…we had some pretty amazing photos on this day. And by amazing, I mean I can’t stop shaking my head and laughing. We thought we were

In conclusion: at least my style has gotten better. and at least I married the husband before he saw any of these! HAHA!

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Serious Nerd Alert!!

  1. Juli

    I remember the t to Wisconsin and the family reunion – good times!! Too bad it's been so long ago. There have been so many new additions to the families! Sad that some of the cousins don't know each other and probably never will.

  2. Cousin Shelli

    You realize that family reunion was 22 summers ago!! I was pregnant with Trevor (puked my guts out the whole time). You look amazing Cousin. I remember each one of those looks well! :)

  3. Juli

    Yes I remember how long it was. Todd and I had only been married a few months – so long ago but a lot of the memories are still very vivid.


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