Excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

You guys? I less than one month I am going to have a three year old. THREE!

How the hell did that happen?

I swear just last month, this is what I brought home from the hospital…

And now? I have a 3 foot something little human that sleeps in a “big girl bed” {for most of the night anyway}, uses the toilet, even wakes up dry most mornings! She sings the alphabet, even recognizes all but about 4 letters of the alphabet on her own. She spells her own name. She mostly colors inside the lines. She pumps her legs on the swing. She totally messes with Andy & me {she’s just like her Daddy}. She uses a fork. She drinks from a “big girl cup”. She eats burritos. She loves sour cream. {I mean come one…what little kid loves sour cream!?}

What happened to my BABY!?

I love the things we are able to do because she’s a big girl. But I can’t help it…I kind of miss her being little and squishy.

This morning? When I dropped her off at daycare, they mentioned her birthday. Then they said that she’d be moving up to the three year old class.

That’s officially preschool. Where they have music programs at Christmas time. Where the kids are only allowed to have their lovey at naptime. Where they have a “what we’re learning about” theme each week. Where they go on fieldtrips to the pumpkin patch. Where they ride on their school’s float in the community parade.

I have a pre-schooler!?

I have a pre-schooler…

Holy hell…I have a pre schooler.

Someone hold me.

9 thoughts on “Excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

  1. karey

    Ha! Yes, these things don't really ease their way into our consciousness… they come flying in and hit us like a ton of bricks to the heart. And it hurts. BAD.

  2. Juli

    I hate to tell you this but this is just the first of those "holy hell" moments. Enjoy every single one of them!! Cause pretty soon you are going to be saying "holy hell I have a teenager living in my house"!!!!! Trust me I have 3 of them and wonder all the time where those times went when they were little.

  3. karey

    Oh, and it doesn't get easier when you have more than one, it's just that many more times the heartache… It seems like our first baby was just a tiny three-pounder yesterday and then we blinked and our number three is going on four years old. Really, you're right… there's no way to put it other than, "HOLY HELL!"

  4. Auntie Megan

    I too say "holy shit" where did the time go?!! My baby is taller than me, wears a size 10 shoe and is in middle school. I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital and taking her to church every Sunday all cuddled up in my arms. What beautiful memories we have and yes they grown up before our eyes and we wonder where did the time go…I will hold you if you hold me!!!

  5. Lilmissrysmama

    Well, thanks for the support and encouragement. LOL.

    PS I saw your two older not-so littles on their school bus this morning. :) They are so dang cute.

    And no, I'm not stalking them. I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

  6. karey

    Haha! That's awesome, ya creeper.

    ps: Totally didn't mean to discourage you from "more" – honestly, it just gets even more fun the more you have – so get on it! No pun intended. Yes, I did just say that.


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