Oh Hello Spring!

Yesterday? Well, yesterday was one of the very best days ever. Period.

First of all…it was Tuesday. And Tuesdays have been long known as my very favorite day of the week. Mostly because it’s Taco Tuesday in our house and NCIS night!

Last night though? Woah. I ended the evening feeling incredibly blessed.

I left work right at 5:00 PM because the sun was shining and Andy was home working outside.

Rylee and I got home and this is what we did for the next hour…

We smelled the one and only daffodil that has bloomed in our yard…

We waked down by the pond to see all the hard work Daddy did that day…

Rylee picked flowers for me…

We spent lots of time at the swing set. Also? When did my BABY learn how to pump her legs!?

Even Dante hung out with us.

Rylee wanted to make sure I had a turn too. So she pushed me…

Then it was Daddy’s turn…

It started to get a little chilly, so we headed inside and Rylee helped me make tacos. After dinner, we had ice cream cones! Here’s how this went down:

Ry & Andy eating their ice cream cones. I had a dish of ice cream.

Ry: Mommy, you going to wash this cone when I all done?
Me: No Ry, we don’t re-use the cones.
Andy: Rylee, you eat the cone…like this ::takes a big bite::
Ry: ::eyes wide:: GASP! OOOOOHHHH!!! Hahahaha!! O-tay!

I pretty much died of the cute right then and there.

We wrapped up the evening with a brand new episode of NCIS and amazing family snuggles.

See? The best day ever.

Happy Spring Friends!

One thought on “Oh Hello Spring!

  1. Auntie Megan

    That certainly was a great day!!! Especially with the ice cream cones for dessert!! Too cute! Love you


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