Nobody likes a droopy butt.

I know I haven’t done any sort of mcfatty update in quite some time, but I assure you, I’ve been keeping at it.

There have been ups–like doing “Oga” with Rylee a few nights a week, like being told my the yoga instructor at my gym that I have beautiful yoga form, like cutting way, way back on my ice cream intake to almost nothing, like confidently rocking my 2 piece bathing suit last weekend while taking Ry swimming, like resisting the urge to eat an entire bag of Cadburry mini eggs, etc.

There have been downs–like my gym canceling all of our lunchtime fitness classes so having to get creative on when I go to the gym, like not going to the gym at least 3 days a week for a couple of weeks, like not drinking my daily allotted amount of water every day, etc.

Despite all of the ups and downs, I have had success!

The brown work slacks that I had to buy in August because I couldn’t fit into any of my other pants? Yea, I put those on last week and I had major droopy butt.

And you know what else? My jeans? Yea…within seconds of putting them on, I’ve got droopy butt in those too.

I’m constantly pulling my pants up. And it’s annoying.

I vented some of this newfound frustration yesterday whilst walking through the house and you know what Andy said? My dear, sweet, loving husband told me to buy new ones!


Oh happy day!

Mama’s goin’ shopping.

This is me…excited to go shopping.

4 thoughts on “Nobody likes a droopy butt.

  1. 1 Funky Woman

    You are way too cute and way to go, I wish I could say I get to go shopping for a droopy bottom! I need some incentive to get my rear in gear so glad I found you to get me going!

    Found you on Twitter and now I'm your newest follower!

    I've had days where I want to eat the whole bag of Cadburry eggs! Oh so good, but oh so bad!


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