The Right Kind of Hurt

I think I found my groove.

Last week was great.

My pants? I actually put them all in the dryer over the weekend in hopes to shrink them a bit. Pretty soon, I may be able to bust out the pants I’ve got stowed away in the next size down.

I can tell I’m getting in better shape. The day after my last Power class I could actually walk. Don’t get me wrong, I was sore, but it wasn’t unbearable. It was the kind of hurt that you feel after a good workout, not the kind that has you wondering what truck you were hit by when you weren’t looking.

My next Power class? Oh yea, I’m gonna go cray-zay and even put some weight on the bar!

Watch the heck out!

I still need to be better about drinking water on the weekends. Oh, and you know, not eating tacos 5 out of 7 days in a week.

All in all, I’m finding myself with more energy. Drinking less coffee and more water. I’m finding my legs getting restless after a day without a good workout. I find myself craving that after workout burn. And to top it off, I’ve lost almost 7 pounds!

6 thoughts on “The Right Kind of Hurt

  1. Stephanie

    Someone with success! Yay! There is hope. Congratulations on your 7 pounds. That's awesome!! Keep up the good work :)


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