Meet Virginia.

Not just the name of a catchy song by Train.

Meet Virginia. My great aunt. My Grandma’s sister. {I think.}

Also? Meet her big butt.

It’s a family legend. Really.

I don’t know that I ever actually met Virginia myself, but I know all about her butt.

It was big.

Ok, that might be all I actually know about it.

But, one thing I’m sure of?

I do not want to end up with Aunt Virginia’s butt. Screw genetics.

Since my post about finding my motivation {AKA: Knee Fat!}, I thought I’d update ya’all on my progress.

First…I have been rocking at drinking 64+ ounces of water in a day! Even over the weekends. My key to success? Crystal Light raspberry lemonade. Half my daily intake is the crystal light, the other half is legit water. The other key? A straw. I’m a nerd, I know. But it honestly helps. A lot. Try it. I dare you. Bonus points: all the extra water I’m drinking throughout my workday is making me have to pee which means I’m not just sitting at my desk… I had a latte on Saturday and had a Pepsi with lunch, but get this…I couldn’t even drink 1/2 of it!!

Second…I have been entering all my meals and snacks into my log on It’s helping a lot. I find myself conscious of everything I’m eating because I don’t want it to look bad in my food diary. Not that anyone else is going to see it, but whatever. It works for me. I also love that it automatically adds up the calories for me. So easy.

Third…I made it to the gym twice the first week and 3 times last week. My goal is 3 days a week.

My Favorite Accomplishment: I did what I never thought I had the courage to do: I came face to face with the devil.

Total Weight Lost: So far I have lost 4 pounds. But, it turns out it’s not really about losing the weight to me. It’s more about being healthy and working off my butt, and toning my abs and my thighs that really shouldn’t touch at the point where they do. So far, so good!

Knee Fat: Still there. But, I am beginning to see definition of muscles in my quads…we’re getting there.

4 thoughts on “Meet Virginia.

  1. Vanessa

    hi there..found you on heir to blair!
    I use myfitnesspal as well..I love that site-it totally made all the difference for me in terms of figuring out how I was going to get healthy :) I also do mcfatty monday on my blog every week..keeps me honest & accountable to someone other than myself!


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