Fashion Police Friday – January 28, 2011

Ahhh, fashion police. There really hasn’t been much to show lately. Pretty much my fault because now that Rylee has grown out of all her hand-me-downs, I have bought most of her clothes and there’s not a whole lot of crazy combos she can come up with. But, she did find this one last Friday. And to her credit, I totally get where she was coming from.

Shirt: Red, zebra striped squirrel
Pants: Brown with little brown squirrels and other woodland things.

She was totally matching the squirrels. The way this kid’s mind work just crack me up. And simultaneously amazes me.

Also? Can you see that she was posing with her babies? What a nut.

Also, also? My kid is a total ham-ball and actually requested that I take a photo of her with the elephant.

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