Meet Our Official Jr. Fire Fighter

Last week when I dropped Ry off at daycare I noticed a flyer in her cubby {can I just say I think it’s so cute that she has a cubby}. Anyway, I grabbed it on the way out. It was a flyer promoting a fall festival at the local elementary school. Then, on the way home from work that night I saw a sign outside the local fire station promoting an open house the same day as the festival. They both looked like fun so when we got home I told Andy about it and we put it on the calendar for Saturday.

Saturday rolled around and after an early, lazy morning we headed out the door to the little fire station. It’s a small, country fire station manned with 2 trucks and 4 volunteer fire fighters. They were super nice, however, Ry was having nothing to do with it. I was finally able to convince her to climb up in the fire truck with me…

{She was not impressed.}
The super nice volunteer firefighters told us that the main station “downtown” {I’m sorry, but “downtown” in a town of 3,000 is just silly to me} was having an open house there as well and there would be a lot more to check out. Since it’s just down the road from the school, we figured we’d go check it out too.
The school’s fall festival was a little less than amazing, but Ry got a balloon ladybug bracelet and she got her face painted! I thought it was kind of funny she chose a soccer ball, but that’s what she wanted. We munched on a caramel apple and a wanna-be elephant ear while listening to the “live band” sing old country covers. 
After the face painting, we headed down the street to the main fire station. Here she was a little more outgoing. She had fun checking out the helicopter and antique fire engines. She insisted on climbing up the ladder, oddly enough, they wouldn’t let her. I have no idea why. She also insisted on doing the obstacle course making her the youngest Official Junior Firefighter in Rural Lane County. {Ok, I made that up, I don’t know that she’s the youngest.} She got a badge and hat and certificate and everything!
 {Don’t be judging the outfit…other than the shirt, she chose it}
 {Sportin’ the soccer ball quite nicely}
 {I’m still trying to figure out why they wouldn’t let her climb the ladder}
 {She carried a doll to safety, crawled through a tube and learned how to stop, drop & roll. Offical Jr. Firefighter material for sure!}
 {Oh yes, Ry…I did catch that smile. Don’t act like you didn’t like it!}
{We only had about a 5 mile drive home.}

4 thoughts on “Meet Our Official Jr. Fire Fighter

  1. Karey

    First of all – I'm so bummed we missed it! Looks like you guys had a great time!

    Second of all – that shirt/hat kills me – I love it! She is so stinkin' cute!

    Glad you guys had fun!!

  2. Lilmissrysmama

    I think your little ones would have loved it!

    That night when we were watching the game she was totally into it yelling when I yelled, shouting TOUCHDOWN! It was too much.

  3. Kelley

    Awww!!! She is so cute! I am just as perplexed as you, WHY wouldn't they let her climb that dang ladder? On another note, you need to post those dancing pictures of your brother. Ha!


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