Katherine Gets Crafty

One day during my lunch last week I was browsing blogs when I came across this post about Family Rules from the Pleated Poppy. I’m not gonna lie, I spent the next 40 minutes looking at each and every rule board and I was completely inspired. It was then and there I decided that while Andy was gone over the weekend, I would make my very own “Rice Family Rules”.

I started thinking about the rules I wanted to use and it didn’t take me long. There are some very basic principles Andy and I live by and have started instilling in the little Monster. I was also able to pick up some good ideas by looking at the other Rule Boards I found online. I chose to come up with 13 rules for 2 very deliberate reasons. First, 13 is Andy’s lucky number and it’s also the day we were married.

Friday durning my lunch I hit up Michaels for a canvas. I left with 2 canvases (what!? they were BOGO). And some paper. And some paint brushes. Oh and some scrapbook letters. On the way home from work I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a bottle of wine. After Ry hit the sack I poured myself a glass, busted out my supplies and got to work.

Then only to realize that I had left my rules at work. FAIL! I started with a base coat on the canvas and called it a night.

The next morning Ry and I headed in to town to pick up my rules. During her nap I made quite a bit of progress. That evening I finished it up.

Aside from some bubbling, I am really happy with the way it turned out. The best part about it all? When Andy got home Monday night, he stopped, read all the rules and yelled to the kitchen, “Did you make this?” Obviously I replied with a yes. Then he responded “Huh, that’s cool. I like it. Good job Wife.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be but I love that he likes it!

I hung up the Rice Family Rules right next to the front door as a nice reminder each day as we leave our home of how we should live our life.

In case you can’t read all the rules:

  1. Put family first
  2. Be thankful for your blessings
  3. Remember your manners
  4. Say please and thank you
  5. Laugh often – especially at yourself
  6. Think of others
  7. Lend a helping hand
  8. Do the right thing – even when others don’t
  9. Be honest – no matter what
  10. Don’t just hear…LISTEN
  11. Be yourself
  12. Smile & have fun
  13. Work hard, always do your best, never give up

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