Fashion Police Friday – June 11

Ok, so technically, this is not a true “fashion police” post for 2 reasons. 1. How cute is that outfit she’s in! (They can’t all be bad, right?) and 2. The story behind the reason she is wearing it today.

Today is Andy’s very last day out at his school for the summer. The kids were done yesterday and today is just a grading/clean-up day. Normally, on the Fridays that Andy has to work (4 day school week!), Auntie Julia chips in and spends the day with the Monster. Well, today, she has to go to Portland for her final wedding dress fitting before her wedding (t-minus 15 days!) so she can’t watch Ry. Andy decided he’d take Ry to work with him. Fast forward a couple of days past that discussion…I was showing Andy Ry’s new outfit that Auntie Julia gave her for her birthday and I remarked about how stinkin’ cute it was and how cute Ry will look in it and Andy looks at the outfit and looks at me and says, “Can she wear that when she goes to work with me this Friday?” Sweet, no?

On another, non-fashion-police-but-still-blog-worthy note, I have a soar throat. And? Rylee has decided to drop the “a” off Mama and now she just calls me Mom. MOM! Talk about a punch to the gut…forget the fact she’s talking. Forget about the big-girl bed. Forget about the hair long enough for piggies…this little kid is SO not a baby any more. Maybe I have a soar throat because I am so sick over it.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Police Friday – June 11

  1. Family of Five

    First of all, SO sweet that Andy "requested" the outfit. That's adorable (and *hello* SHE is adorable IN it!). Kudos to Dad for his bravery taking the toddler to work! That's awesome!Also, I hate when the "a" is dropped. With no warning. It's like they only practice behind closed doors and then one day it's just gone. Quit cold-turkey. However, Carter has (for some unknown reason) picked it back up–and I melt over it. Every time.

  2. Mama Hen

    Thanks for stopping by Mama's Little Chick! You will see me visiting for future posts! have a great day!Mama Hen


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