A little Mother’s Day tribute

Growing up, I used to be jealous of all my friends who had great relationships with their moms. Why didn’t my mom and I go shopping together? Why couldn’t I share secrets with my mom and tell her everything? For whatever reason (likely my sass-talking, eye rolling, arm crossing ways), it never happened. There was even a time through my mid-to-late-teen years that I didn’t think any kind of relationship ever would happen. I somewhat unknowingly blamed my mom for a lot of things that she didn’t deserve to get blamed for. I didn’t treat her the way a mom should be treated. At times, I was down right hurtful. With those things in mind, why would she even ever want to have anykind of mother-daughter relationship/friendship with me. I certainly didn’t deserve it.

I think it’s safe to say that the real “turning point” in my attitude toward my mom was when I found out I was pregnant. We had been slowly builing a relationship before that, but I feel like there’s some sort of unspoken connection between a mother and a daughter when said daughter becomes a mom herself. All of a sudden, I just got it. All the previous years of not-so-niceness seemed to melt away. Why did I deserve such forgiveness from my mom? I’m not sure I did deserve it, but I’m sure not complaining!

That’s the funny thing I’ve realized about moms…the little thing called “unconditional love” is a pretty powerful, not actually so little thing. And considering all the crap I put her through, my mom should win some kind of prize or something. Paper plate awards are always good. “Most likely to be picutred next to the definition of ‘Unconditional Love'” {I think I just got my gift idea!}

I hope Rylee is a better teenage daughter than I was…though I likely don’t deserve it. But, if we do go through some rocky times, I’ll take a cue from my mom and be waiting in the wings,with nothing but unconditional love.

Post Summary: Thanks Mom!

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