Makin’ the move

So, I know I said I would post updates about the big move to the big-girl bed, well, last Saturday. It’s obviously Thursday now. Whatever. Life happens. Anyway, I got home from work last Friday night and Andy was getting everything ready to officially make the move. The crib was moved out of the way and her bed frame was in place. Rylee was super excited about it. I took this opportunity to grab the camera!
Here she is helping dad with the tools.
Breaking down the crib…
Testing out the new diggs…
Friday and Saturday Night: It took about 45 minutes to get her to sleep each night. Got out of bed at least 3 different times throughout the night. Saturday morning she woke up in our bed.
Saturday: She refused to take a nap.
Sunday: Fell asleep in the car on the way home from church, made a sucessful transfer to her bed where she napped for 2 hours.
Sunday and Monday nights: We resorted to locking her in her room and letting her cry it out. Getting out of bed twice each night. Oddly enough, she always ended up back in her bed before she went to sleep.
Tuesday Night: Only took 15 minutes to get her down and she only got up once (!!) that night. No door closing or crying necessary.
Wednesday Night: Again, 15 minutes to get her down and only up once. Again, no door closing or crying!
We will see what tonight brings, but I am happy to see the progress. If I would have given updates when promised, there would have been nothing to update about!
I am thankful for three things:
  1. That my daughter doesn’t know how to open doors. 
  2. That my daugher catches on quickly.
  3. That my husband is excited and really wants to take charge of the big-girl bed transition…if he wants to get up with her in the middle of the night, more power to him!
This is what happens when you don’t take a nap…you fall asleep in the middle of the living room at 5:15 PM.

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