You know I love you, but I really don’t like you right now!

You know the saying, right? Well, that’s how I was feeling with Miss Monster Rylee this morning! Let me back up and first tell you that last night I started feeling cruddy…runny nose, sneezing, congestion, blech. I took some NyQuil last night and racked out. Andy was great last night…he made dinner, did the dishes and put Rylee to bed. And he got up with Ry both times she woke up crying last night (a somewhat-all-of-a-sudden-regular-occurance since she’s been so sick). I woke up this morning still tired and groggy from the meds.

Rylee was in a seemingly good mood this morning…things started off just fine in fact. Then breakfast time rolled around. She decided she couldn’t decided between an orange or a pear and we stood there with the refrigerater door open for nearly a minute before I smartened up and realized I should just move her out of the way and close the door while she decided. Finally, the decision was an orange. Then she wanted some cereal to go with it. No big deal. I opened up the cereal cupboard and she chose Chex. Great choice. So while I was peeling the orange (which I am HORRIBLE at, by the way), she sat at the table in her chair with some cereal in front of her.  Next thing I hear is the sound of cereal dumping all over the table! Awesome. She got to the box, pulled out the bag and dumped it out because she wanted more. She then preceeded to “accidentally” push some into her lap and squish and crunch it under her bum. Even better. I managed to get it dumped into a bowl and the crumbs all cleaned up. She ate her orange and all was well…or so I thought.

When it was time to leave for Grammy’s house, she told me she wanted to wear her boots. For some stupid, crazy, no good reason, I told her no. I’m pretty sure I was still grumpy about the cereal thing. Either way, I made my decision, NO it was. Well, of course she was not happy about that! These boots are her new favorite thing! The boots mean that she gets to go outside in the wet, muddy goodness that we call Oregon Spring. As soon as I told her no, I questioned myself, realizing that was stupid, but while we begin this whole thing called discipline, I needed to stick to my word. Needless to say,  a nice raging fit followed my no. How on earth such a normally sweet little kid can scream “boots” so loud is beyond me. While I stuck to my guns and she wore her pink tennis shoes, I did concede and we brought the boots with us.

Now, hours later, as I sit here and read the story I just told, I’ve decided I am completely ridiculous. Was I seriously that upset over cereal and boots!?

Reality check. Take a deep breath. Relax. She’s nearly 2. She’s not perfect. You’re not perfect. Pick your battles. Look at the bright side, your dog will be more than happy to clean up any leftover crumbs tonight and you still got to work on time!

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