Kindergarten. The first Quarter.

by katherine on November 26, 2013

Kindergarten is a trip you guys. From the first day at drop-off, to sitting in those tiny little chairs at parent-teacher conferences. I was excited for conferences. I knew Rylee was doing well, but I was looking forward to hearing about her progress. So excuse my while I brag about my kid for a few […]

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Conversations with Rylee

by katherine on November 24, 2013

You know what’s kind of fun? Listening to Rylee talk on the phone. Mine and Andy’s parents call to speak with her every now and again. Inevitably, there’s always some point in the conversation where the person on the other line has trouble understanding what she’s saying. Sometimes she gets really irritated. Other times she […]


Family Traditions

by katherine on November 15, 2013

I’ve shared here before about how I grew up hunting with my dad. And how it’s a passion I’m hoping to pass down to my girls. The actual hunting is only a part of it. We don’t hunt for the trophies, we hunt for the meat…as a way to provide for our family. Once the […]

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Our new Saturdays

by katherine on November 9, 2013

Back when soccer sign up flyer came home from school with Rylee I admitted here that up until now I’ve purposefully avoided any real organized activities/sports for her. She wasn’t interested in playing soccer and I was totally fine with that. In fact I was happy about it because I couldn’t imagine adding one more […]


Thursday: By Rylee

by katherine on November 7, 2013

Welp, I’m only a week into this NaBloPoMo thing and I’ve hit a bump in the road. I’m solo-momming it tonight since Andy is working late. After making the typical evening rush to leave work, get the girls, get home, get dinner made and on the table, I got Reese to bed. Early actually…I think […]



by katherine on October 22, 2013

Where do I begin…5 is simultaneously blowing my mind and making me want to cry. Five is full of big, huge monumental things…not only for the little 5 year old, but also the parents. Five brings kindergarten. And new friends. And packing a lunch every day. Five brings out the wacky and the sweet. Five […]


Reese’s One Year Photos…3 months later

by katherine on October 15, 2013

So, after picking up Reese’s “school pictures” when I dropped her off at daycare this morning {and laughing my arse off because they are epically bad}, I  decided to pull the flash drive out of my bag that has all the pictures from Reese’s “One Year” Photo Shoot we had done…you know, back at the […]


The State of the State

by katherine on October 9, 2013

Within the last 20 minutes, I just finished up my first post car accident 90-minute massage. I’ve got a little bit of time before I need to go get the girls, but not enough time to head back to the office so I’ve found myself sitting in Starbucks sipping on my beloved iced coffee and […]

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When no one is watching…

by katherine on September 27, 2013

Miss Rylee, There are moments as a parent that will stop you in your tracks. Last weekend was one of those moments for me. Ten, twenty, even thirty years from now you may not remember that day, but I will. Your dad, sister, you and I piled in the car and headed over to Bend […]


New School Year Transitions

by katherine on September 10, 2013

I know what you’re thinking…ugh, here she goes again…complaining about back to school. And I’d like to tell you you’re wrong. But you’re not. You’re 100% right. I don’t know what it is about this year, but I swear this is the worst year yet for the back to school transition. I’m having a tough […]