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Teachers Change Lives

I bet if you had to think back to your time in school and pick out one teacher that made a lasting impact on your life it wouldn’t be hard to do. I know I could.

You probably already know this, but I happen to be married to a teacher. He teaches middle school and high school in a small, rural school district. For him, teaching is not just a job. He’s in the business of preparing his students for what’s next.

Preparing them for what’s next…that’s not something you hear every day so what does that even mean? Of course it could be college. But among other things it could also be entering a trade, joining the military or going straight into the workforce. Being able to identify a student’s next step is key to helping them succeed in life.

And, while yes, I’m probably bias, I happen to think he’s very good at his business. He’s the kind of teacher that will do almost anything if it’s what’s best for his students. His students, their parents and the community all know this. This means there’s late nights and yes, even spending money out of his own pocket. But it’s just part of the business.

You see, teachers aren’t just in the business of teaching a curriculum. They’re in the business of inspiring, encouraging, listening. They’re in the business of changing lives.

I know this because I see it everyday.

Office Depot knows this too. That’s why they’ve created the Teachers Change Lives campaign. Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom have partnered to raise awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of their students. Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with teachers to enhance the learning environment for students.

Teachers change lives, and these students are proof. Watch as students express how much their teachers mean to them.

Teachers have a lot more on their plates these days than just teaching a curriculum out of a text book. Wouldn’t it be nice to help make their jobs just a little bit easier? Find a teacher, Adopt-A-Classroom (or even register your own classroom) and donate today.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.