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Working with style – Owning the Awkward

20130118-104919.jpgRight now I’m in sunny {read: sunnier than Oregon, at least} San Francisco working a¬†tradeshow and hanging out with my sister.

Today I’m also hosting the working with style linkup over on Liberating Working Moms.

And in true Kat style, I’m hamming it up. Owning the awkward that comes when you take photos outside of a restaurant on one of the busiest roads in town, during the lunch hour. It’s a gift I have, really. And if you know me, then you know that some things never change, my friends.

Feel free to click through, check it out, and heck, even link up with me!!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Fashion Police Friday: 9.2.11

So this fashion police post actually has nothing to do with her outfit at all.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s pretty cute. She picked it out all on her own. This was her “run to the hardware store with Daddy” outfit.

But what kills me about this particular outfit is her hair…all those clippies. This girl is bipolar when it comes to her hair. It’s all or nothing. There is no middle ground.

So behold…

This girl? She’s such a ham. I loves her.

In other news, can I just say how much I am looking forward to our weekend. A LONG weekend, no less!

We’ve got big plans folks. Today, we’re bringing in a truck and transfer{!} of rock {that’s a buttload of rock, people} for our driveway and the fencing project we need to finish up before the weather changes. Ahh yes, country living. It’s glamorous.

Tomorrow Andy is going to help his dad clean and organize his garage {most of you have never seen the inside of that garage, but HA!}. While they tackle that, Ry and I are going to go play at a park, hit up the Saturday market, then the grocery store. Somewhere in there I’ve promised her she can paint.

Sunday my sis and her boyfriend {and their new puppy!} are coming to stay. I’ll be grilling up tandori chicken and serving it with some fresh mango salsa, jasmine rice and a big salad. We may or may not top it off with fresh blackberry cobbler. We’ll see.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Happy Friday!!