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Rylee Get your Gun!

For Rylee’s first birthday, we bought her a pink single shot .22 rifle. {While it may seem a little extreme that that was her 1st birthday gift, I assure you the only reason it happened was because the company I worked for at the time was owned by a gun manufacturer and I got a sca-reamin’ deal.} It’s been locked safely away ever since. Back in October, Rylee went on her first hunting trip, and since then, she’s talked about shooting her gun. We told her that maybe this summer she’d be big enough to shoot it and let me tell you, homegirl does not forget things like that, so we added it to the Big Sister Bucket List.

We had camping on the bucket list too, but our suburban is still not back from the shop, so unfortunately camping got knocked off the list. Instead, we decided to make a day out of it and headed out to our normal camping/fishing spot to do a little fishing, a little exploring and let Ry shoot her gun for the first time.

On the way out of town we swung into my dad’s to pick up the gun. Before I put it in the back of the Jeep I opened up Ry’s door to let her see it…this was the first time since her first birthday that she’d even laid eyes on it. She looked at the gun, looked at me, then back at the gun. She got a huge grin on her face and in an awe-inspired half-whisper, said “Wooow…it’s beautiful!”

We started out with some fishing. I’ve been going up to this area fishing since before I was Rylee’s age. Never in my lifetime have I had such a great day of fishing and caught such big fish! No joke. It was kind of surreal. Literally just about every other cast in the creek and we’d have a fish on! And while the term “big” is relative for this creek, I’ve never seen a fish bigger than 8″ or so come out of the water, but Ry’s very first cast she caught a beefy 11″ trout! Every fish we caught that morning was at least 9″ long.

Her first cast in…”Daddy, I got a fish!”

One excited (and proud!) Daddy! {And my new favorite photo of the two of them!!}

Casting with Mama…

Hey look…Another fish!

Once Ry’s attention span with the fishing ran out, I let Andy fish a while longer and Rylee and I went “exploring”. We played I Spy, picked up rocks and looked for butterflies. After a bit, we all headed back to the Jeep for some lunch. After lunch was over, it was time to shoot!

We started out by going over safety, none of this was new to Rylee considering we talk about gun safety a lot but she was a good sport and listened intently. {and for the record, no the “R” on her shooting ear muffs, do not stand for Rylee, just a nice coincidence.}

Safety first! Rylee got these youth sized glasses and ear protection for her birthday this year. {Also, like the belly in the reflection!?}

Daddy showing her how to hold the gun.

Getting ready…

Learning how to load in a bullet…

Taking aim!!

A few shots with mama…

Checking out the target…

After the first few shots, I started getting too hot, so I headed back to the shade to hydrate while Rylee and Andy kept shooting. She had a ton of fun and I think it’s safe to say we’ll have a little outdoors girl on our hands!

And just like that, another thing is marked off the bucket list!

More of the Lately’s…

It’s been another whirlwind of a week and so for this Friday I leave you with a bulleted list of “lately”…

  • Earlier this week I wrote a post about one of our cars and dreaming of getting a new one. Then last night? Andy hit a deer with the Buick on his way home from work. And, aside from part of the grill being broken, you cannot.even.tell. I swear that thing is a tank. {side note, the deer is fine too}
  • I’ve had an annoying cold all week. It’s just barely starting to go away.
  • I made my very LAST student loan payment! And 3 years early to boot.
  • I had to re-re-schedule my ultrasound appointment {seriously, the receptionist remembered (and laughed) at me} But now it’s a whole week earlier! The big day is Feb 14!…holy crap that’s like 2 weeks away!
  • We’re in the middle of moving offices…Like, I leave work today at one office, and show up Monday to the new one. It’s totally throwing me for a loop.
  • I drank coffee this morning. And it was good. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m finally starting to come out of the “morning” sickness stage.
  • Tonight I’m headed to happy hour with a couple of girlfriends! I cannot wait.

I'm really going to miss this view when I leave work.

And this...just because it makes me smile.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Happy New Year!

Oh, yes, I’m fully aware I’m about 5 days late on this post, but well…I’ve had other things going on.

Besides baking a baby that has me wanting to go to bed at 7:30 every night, work has been particularly busy these last couple of weeks, as I prep for product launch and tradeshows. Insanity is more like it.

With work being so busy, my lunches, better known as my normal blogging time, has been filled with running errands for work or just plain working through.

And my evenings? Well, those have been reserved for my family.

The long weekend was glorious. It was the perfect mix of productive and lazy. We spent the entire weekend as a family…it was so needed. Saturday we spent the afternoon running errands. And, shockingly enough, I made it all the way to midnight!

Sunday, New Year’s Day, we took down Christmas decorations while Rylee napped. Undecking the halls actually resulted in a major living room and office overhaul, completely rearranging and cleaning everything.

Monday was filled with more cleaning and rearranging. And more laziness. And even spending some time outside…in, get this, the SUN!

Seriously, the weekend was perfect. I mean…when this is your view, how can it not be a great weekend!?

It was the perfect way to start a new year.

Hope your year is off to a great start too!

The cutest wicked witch you ever did see.

When all the other little girls are fairy princesses, kitty-cats and other pink fro-froo things, there’s my girl in all black, dressed as a witch.

She decided all on her own that she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. Where that request came from is still a mystery to me, but my girl owned it!

Ry’s school was throwing a party in the morning and since Monday’s aren’t one of her normal “school” days, I took the morning off so she could go. She had a blast. They listened to a Halloween story, ate snacks, played outside, then did a costume parade where all the 3 & 4 year olds trick-or-treated the other classrooms up and down the hall. It was cute. And loud. Oh, holy hell was it loud. I’ll tell you what, there is a reason I’m not an early-childood educator.

After the party, I dropped Ry off at her grandma & papa’s house where she spent the afternoon while I went to work {exhausted and with a headache, by the way}. After work I scooped up Ry and we raced home to meet Andy, grab some stuff and hop back in the car and over to the home of one of Ry’s friends from school. They’re best little buddies, those two, so we all had dinner, then did our trick-or-treating together.

Rylee had a great time! I was a little bit concerned since she’s pretty timid and especially considering Disney movies scare the day lights out of her. But, she was a trooper. There were a couple of “spooky” houses, but we just reminded her that it was all pretend and she went right up and got her candy.

As we were walking, she shook her little pumpkin and with a high-pitched voice and giant grin on her face, said “Oh, it’s getting really full!”

Holding my hand when things got “spooky”.

Hittin’ the streets with Daddy!
{Andy dressed up for work and Ry requested he leave his costume on. What a sweet Daddy.}

 Enjoying her one piece of candy for the night from her loot. She chose mini charleston chews. A girl after my own heart.

All-in-all,  Ry not bringing home a SINGLE Butterfinger, we had a tantrum-free night and fun was had by all!

How what your Halloween?


This NEVER Happens…

Seriously…this has never happened.

Quick back story: on the way to take Ry to school yesterday, she asked if we could go play at a park after I picked her up that night. I told her we’d see how the weather was and then decide.

Now, moving on…

Andy was at a Suicide Training Seminar yesterday which meant two things…he’d be done with “work” at 5 PM and he wouldn’t have a 45 minute commute home.

He called me at 4:45 PM saying he was leaving and he’d pick Rylee up. He never gets the chance to pick her up {especially daycare} because he works so late. I told him about my park date promise to Ry and he said he’d take her to play before they came home. Then he asked if that meant I’d stay late at work.

I thought for a minute…I definitely had work I could be doing if I stayed late…but…crap, this has never happened before! So I said, screw it, I’ll leave at 5 too and meet them at the park!

The weather was perfect.

We laughed. We chased. We climbed. We zip-lined. We played.

This is exactly what my soul needed.