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Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

Sunday was my sister’s bridal shower. She didn’t want a bridal shower at all, but being the sweet little sister I am, I made her do it anyway. We both agreed that it wouldn’t be the traditional style bridal shower with those annoying “can’t say this word” games and such, but a nice brunch where we could get together, have a mimosa (or two), eat some food, and call it good.


I emailed the other bridesmaids, we agreed on the champagne brunch style and I volunteered to take the lead on planning. When it came to location, we found a winery known for their sparkling wines, which my sister loves. My sister, the MOH and I all headed out there one night to check it out and quickly decided that was for sure going to be the location. It definitely helped there was no location rental fee!

For the theme, I kept it pretty simple and played off the style and coloring of the wedding invitations. I designed the invitations and printed them off at home. All the decorations were kept pretty simple because of the beauty of the location…we had tables set among wine barrels, fermenting tanks and twinkling lights. I pretty much made the decorations myself and had the theme carry throughout. They included a bride & groom banner, a gifts banner (both of which will be reused at the wedding), food table cards with wine cork holders, table plaques for the mimosa bar, drink tags, and thank you card addressing, galvanized tubs to hold the pens, and hershey kisses with K + J = LOVE stickers on the bottoms.




For a “game” we played Bridal Shower Bingo where people wrote in gifts they thought Kelli might receive on a bingo card, then as she opened gifts if she opened one that they wrote in, they  marked it off. 5 in a row meant bingo and a prize! It gave people something to do while she was opening gifts. Prizes were simply Starbucks gift cards and more hershey kisses.

Our mom handled the cake. She found a picture of a cute design, took it to a local bakery and boom. Super cute, and delicious to boot.


All in all, it was a simple shower to put together, but it all turned our beautifully. I can’t wait for my sister’s big day!


Reese’s One Year Photos…3 months later

So, after picking up Reese’s “school pictures” when I dropped her off at daycare this morning {and laughing my arse off because they are epically bad}, I  decided to pull the flash drive out of my bag that has all the pictures from Reese’s “One Year” Photo Shoot we had done…you know, back at the end of July. I’ve only looked at them a couple of times. Andy hasn’t even seen them. Considering those two things, I clearly haven’t shared them on the blog either. Until now, of course.

 EYES!!!rice003That smirk…it is so…Reese2013-07-271 Of course we had to get a few of the girls together…2013-07-272And of course we had to snap a few of my sweet little ham bone… 2013-07-273 This girl…such a skeptic…2013-07-274 I sure do love these girls…2013-07-275And one with the binkie…because obvious things are obvious.rice053

Confession: I didn’t really love them the first time I looked at them. I was bummed we couldn’t get her to smile in a single picture. But after looking at them again, I realize this is Reese to a T. These are her “looks” and I’m so glad we were able to capture them. AND THOSE EYES! Now? I can’t stop looking at them.

P.S. A post about the school photos will be coming!

P.P.S. All photos by Kristen Moss Photography.

Then vs. Now…The girls at 1

Looking though all of the photos from Reese’s party made me reminisce Ry’s first birthday party. So, I thought it’d be fun to do a “side by side” of both the girls on their first birthdays.

First Reese…

Jul 21, 20132 Now Rylee… {for the record, she still gives us that side eye look.}Photos Now both girls side by side. SistersatOne_sidebyside

This post has no point. I just love looking at photos of the girls when they’re about the same age.

Happy Wednesday!

C K Say I Do!

The entire reason we went to Hawaii was because my sister was getting married there! I’ve been wishing/hoping a family member or close friend would have a destination wedding for quite some time because DUH! Automatic vacation!

The wedding was beautiful and I hope it was everything my sister and her husband had hoped it would be.

I originally had about 20 photos of their day to share in this post, then I really thought about it and even though I took the photos, even though they’re living in my computer and even though I edited a bunch of them, they aren’t really mine to share, ya know?

But the wedding and the day was too fantastic not to share so I figured if I’m in the photo or if my kids are in the photo, they’re fair game. So here’s a few shots from my sister’s Hawaiian wedding…

The Wedding Location


The Rings!
{This one might break my rules, but I kind of love this one}rings

Sisters helping the bride.
{This pretty much sums up our personalities…K1 The proper one. K2 The poser. K3 The goof}

Rylee as one of the flower girls.
{My sister chose not to have a wedding party so she had all of the nieces & friends’ kids as the flower girls/ring bearers. It was very sweet.}DSC_0696

A Dad and his Baby.DSC_0090
Ry adores her Auntie.DSC_0093

Playing in the rose petals waiting to head to the reception.DSC_0132

K2 and K3

My sister is married!!

{And two of my best friends}

3 Girls_Portrait

Our Family of Four!family

Sis, if you’re reading this {and I know you are} you were a beautiful bride. You will make a wonderful wife and someday an amazing mother. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day. I’m so happy that I can call you my sister and my friend. I love you.

Oh, and P.S. I’m SO glad you decided to do this! ;-)


Wordless Wednesday: Reese’s First Swing

Here I am doing another one of those “OH LOOK! It’s my kid’s first time doing XYZ!…that happened two months ago.”

Meh…I figured out a long time ago I’m not going to be winning any Mother of the Year awards.

So, LOOK! Here’s Reese swinging for the first time!…that happened back in March…

After a particularly rough {read: annoying} day at the office for me, Andy left work early to pick the girls up from school so I could go do whatever. {Sweet/Smart man, that one.} Anyway, I ended up right in front of him on the drive so we both went to pick up the girls then opted to go to the park to play for a bit. Reese went on a slide for the first time and it reminded me I never posted these swing pictures.