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Tall non-fat Caramel Latte: $3.15

Wireless Mouse: $13.99

Sitting in the Target Starbucks, meeting with a personal trainer about redesigning her website while wearing a pair of unbottoned, too tight pants because the only ones you have that fit are dirty?



In related news? I’m going to start working out again next week.

Happy Saturday!!

Step One

You cut a hole in the box.

Step two. You put y–kidding.


Funny though, right?

I’m on a roll this week with innuendo titles.

Anyway. Let’s talk about losing baby weight. Superfuntopic…not.

I’ll be real with you. I gained 35 pounds while I was pregnant with Reese.  And for the longest time after having her, I’d look in the mirror and think, ‘crap, I look good for just having a baby.

Now? Well, like I said, let’s be real. My baby is going to be 3 months old next week {THREE MONTHS!}. I’m not so sure the “for just having a baby” thing applies anymore.

Most Some of my pants are fitting again. I’m down about 20 pounds. But that also means I’ve got about 15 left to lose. With Ry I lost all but two pounds within the first 6 weeks just by breathing. That is clearly not the case this time around. I blame my massive sweet tooth this pregnancy.

Not only do I have about 15 pounds left to lose, I’ve got some major toning to do. Major. And I’ll be honest…my poor belly button will probably never be the same.

So, the first step to fixing a problem is admitting there’s a problem, right?!


Now, for moving forward.

I’m breastfeeding Reese so I still need to keep my calorie intake pretty high up there {thankfully}. I want to do this the healthy way.

I have the 30-Day Shred on DVD, but let’s be real…if I were really committed to that I’d already have started it.

I’ve looked into joining the gym that’s a few blocks away from my work. Lunchtime workouts would be great. It’s affordable. But the gym is tiny and they don’t offer any classes. And I love me some group fitness classes….or moreover, I love me some teachers that tell me what I need to do! I’ll be starting the free 2-week trial next week to see how I like the gym itself.

I have My Fitness Pal on my phone and have been tracking my food intake. If that’s not an eye opening activity, I don’t know what is. Wow.

I downloaded an ab workout app on my new iPad {sorry, totally had to fit that in somewhere.}

I may document progress on the blog. I may not. I may include photos. I may not. We’ll see.

So there you have it. I’m on the road to health & fitness again.

Well you know…right after I’m done spending the next four days stuffing my face parts with southern food. Obviously.

Wish me luck.

That felt good.

I’ve been threatening to do it for weeks now…

My bag had been in and out of my car multiple times. Rylee constantly grilling me about what that big yellow bag was for.

There were always reasons I couldn’t go.

After just feeling…blech lately, I decided no more excuses.

I put the bag back in my car again and at lunch? I went to the gym.

That? was just what I needed.

Granted, between drive time, changing/showering and actual workout, I was gone for an hour and fifteen minutes and there was only about 25 minutes total of actual working out, but it’s better than nothing right?


Oh Gym…I’ve missed you…

4th O July Recap

I know I’m a few days late here folks but I’ve been enjoying these last two days off. Soaking up all the sunshine and family time I can get. Do you blame me?

I didn’t think so.

Moving right along…

Our 4th of July was nothing short of perfect. Well, as perfect as it can be while missing the man of the family but Rylee and I made the most of it!

We started out the morning going on a hike with cousins we never see nearly enough. It was so great to spend some time with them. The hike was pretty easy (perfect for carrying an extra 30+ pounds on your back!) and it was gorgeous!

(click the photo to enlarge)

After we got home I turned a movie on for Rylee so I could shower and make the nearly-world-famous “Marlene Dip” for our Fourth of July party. We go to the same party every year. Andy’s been going for the last 15+ years and I’ve gone for as long as Andy and I have been together! It’s always a ton of fun and there’s I’m not even kidding…I’m pretty sure I ate an entire day’s worth of calories in the span of about 2 hours! This year the gathering was smaller than normal, but it was perfect. Rylee had a great time playing with her buddy “Tee-an” (as she calls him). She is still not a huge fan of fireworks so we stayed until she told me she was ready to go home.

I’m still busy catching up on things…how was your 4th of July?

An Easter Win and an Easter Fail

Ok, so I have a dilema.

Andy spoils me at Christmas and buys me a great new camera and during the “important” times like holidays, parties and such, I never take photos. I know it’s because I am busy prepping food and what not, but really? I should totally be able to be in two places at once because these photos from our awesome Easter weekend are just kinda lame…

On Saturday, Ry and I had a quick Target/grocery run, then I had to go into work for a few hours. Auntie Kristen arrived not long after I got home. We had a glorious hot dog and french fry dinner, then colored our Easter eggs!

{Uhhh…nice face kid.}

{All ready to go.}

{Rylee wanted nothing to do with Andy & Me…it was all about Auntie.}

{Having FUN.}

{Patiently waiting…}

And all of Easter…this? is the best picture I got on Easter morning? Really?

I did get a short video of Rylee finding her Easter basket. I will get that up at some point this week. And I know that Kristen took a few photos on her camera, so I’ll have her e-mail them to me and I’ll work on getting those uploaded later this week too.

Rylee was a serious kick in the pants…totally into the egg dying and egg hunting and Easter dress wearing and basket finding and appetizer eating.

And oh my word…speaking of eating…I ate (and drank) entirely too much. {Ok, well, I suppose I could have drank more, but that’s beside the point!} We had a nice spread of meats and cheeses and crackers for apps then moved on to Prime Rib, ham, mashed potatoes, salad, deviled eggs, asparagus and rolls for dinner. Then, we followed it all up with strawberry cheesecake and blackberry rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream and not to mention the occasion chocolate egg for dessert.