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Oh boy!


The day Rylee found out we were going to have another baby she was clear she wanted a brother. This whole time I’ve been sure that this will would be another girl.

The other night Rylee was trying to convince me to let her skip school and come with us to the ultrasound. We stuck to our guns and told her we would think of a fun way to tell her tonight before her tball game.

It was all a little rushed and not exactly pinterest-worthy but so indicative of where we are at as a family right now. And so…




So yep. We’re having a boy!

I have no words. We are over the moon. Today was an amazing day. And Andy’s birthday to boot.

Yep. A good day indeed.

Opening day!

We walked in the house hungry, exhausted and covered in a fine layer of dirt mixed with sun block. My once white shirt was no more and my pants were covered in gold fish cracker crumbs. We all got washed up and I rushed to put dinner on the table…only an hour later than normal. But this is our new normal, I suppose. The life of kids playing organized sports.

When the coach called me to tell me her practice schedule I was a little thrown off. I had figured we’d be looking at two days a week tops, for about an hour each time. But no. Oh no how I was mistaken. We practice MWF from 5:30-7.

Wait, is this kindergarten TBall or the major leagues!?

Maybe the practices will lighten up once the games start?

Maybe I’m just ridiculously naïve?

{lie to me ok!?}

We’ll get into a new routine…what matters right now is that Reese is mastering the slide solo, going between said slide and the field I’m getting all sorts of steps in on my fitbit and of course Rylee is loving TBall!




When I asked her what her favorite part of practice was, she said it was the very end where they were “actually playing TBall.” For the record, she was in center field and saw no action whatsoever. She did manage to pick me a daisy while she was out there.

Boy does this all bring back memories...

P.S. One of these days I’ll take my real camera out there to snap some photos and write a real blog post on something other than my iPad so the photos are bigger than your thumb…but for now? This is as good as it’s going to get.

Rylee Speak

Every kid has certain words they say funny. It’s one of those things that as a parent, you hope they never outgrow because you know when they do, they’re officially not-so-little anymore. Rylee has a few and I love each and every one of them. So much so, that I’ve found myself saying them her way. {Note: it is not nearly as cute coming from a grown adult}

Fableeus = fabulous
Hanguber = hamburger
Pateren = pattern
Redicleeus = ridiculous

But, other than these funny word mishaps, she’s a lot got something else going on…

The other day at gymnasts, Rylee had a new teacher. The introduction went like this:

Teacher: “I’m miss ___ {I never caught her name}. What’s your name?”
Rylee: Rylee
Teacher: Wylee? Nice to meet you!

The teacher then proceeded to call Rylee “Wylee” for the entire rest of the class until the very end when Rylee eventually got so irritated with the teacher she finally spelled it for her.

On the drive home, Rylee expressed her frustration with me about how the teacher kept getting it wrong. Then she said something that simultaneously made me proud and broke my heart.

“Can you teach me how to say my name right?”

Proud in the sense that she realizes she needs to work on something and is willing to do the work to make it happen. Heart broken because no parent wants to hear from their kids about their feelings being hurt particularly because of something related to their development. It really bothers Rylee that she has a hard time saying her “Rs”. Rylee is Wylee. Red is wed.

It’s not as bad as that annoying bear from sesame street, but it’s obviously bad enough that people don’t even understand what her name is.

When I was her age I had a hard time pronouncing my R’s as well. I remember being called into my school’s speech therapist’s office for a speech evaluation. I distinctly remember them asking me to say the word red. It was awful. But I also remember the follow up a couple of years later. I was fine. No intervention, or even “r” practice was needed.

So speaking from personal experience, I am confident that Rylee will grow out of it. That doesn’t mean I just want to ignore it…especially because she is so aware of it herself. Overall, Ry is a pretty confident little girl but I don’t want this to be her hang-up. I don’t want her self esteem effected because of it. It weighed on my heart and mind for the rest of the day.

That same evening she came out of her bedroom holding a pencil and a spiral notebook. She asked me how to spell “fantastic”. Not thinking much of it, I spelled the word for her without ever looking up from my dinner prep. Later when I was putting her to bed I saw the spiral notebook lying on her desk bench…


In case you can’t read it, please allow me to translate: “I am fantastic as can be. The way I am they sure do love me. I am so happy. But do you know why?”

Ha, guess I don’t need to worry too much about her confidence.

She’s going to be just fine.

To this day though I hate saying words like rural.

What a year.

As I round out my vacation I’ve found myself with a few hours at home alone with the quiet. Instead of ticking away at my to-do list, I decided to open up my laptop for only the second time in about two weeks. This vacation has been a much-needed restart, but I’ll come back to that another time.

While I was on the ball enough to get Christmas Cards send out in a timely manner, I did not have the time or wherewithal to get a “Christmas Letter written, printed, folded and stuffed along with said card. That doesn’t mean that our year wasn’t worth reviewing.

The year started out as most new years do… JanuaryFebruary and March came and went with nothing  major to report.

In April, I packed my bags and headed to Arizona for a long weekend with three of my best friends. We spent the weekend do absolutely nothing and it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. When I got home, another one of my best friends, my sister, moved back to Oregon. I has been so nice to have her back.

Rylee turned the big FIVE in May and we celebrated by throwing a rocking Angry Birds party. For Memorial Day weekend we packed up the Suburban and headed to Eastern Oregon to go camping with a group of friends, we had a great time despite the freezing overnight temperatures and are looking forward to this new tradition.

June brought the end of another school year for Andy and Rylee’s pre-school graduation. Andy headed to New York City to stand as Best Man while his best friend married an amazing woman.

July was a BIG month for our family. We packed our bags and headed to Hawaii for a week to see my sister get married…it was both the girls’ first plane ride and the first vacation for Andy and I since our Honeymoon. We jam packed as much as we could into that week while working around napping and feeding schedules. A couple of weeks after our return home, Reesie Bug turned one…that had to be one of the fastest years ever.

Overall, August was relatively quiet, but September more than made up for it. Andy started his (I think) tenth year of teaching and Rylee started Kindergarten! In October Rylee lost her first tooth and we discovered that Reese loves all things Halloween.

In November I challenged myself to post every single day of the month and did just that…right up until the very last day. November also brought a big decision for me…after 7 years with the same management team I accepted a job with another company and turned in my notice committing to staying through the end of the year.

With preparations for leaving Cosmos, preparations for Christmas and now preparations for a new job, we rounded out the year with a crazier than normal December. For the first time ever, I was able to take an extended amount of time off over the holiday and spend almost all of Christmas break at home with Andy and the girls. It has been so nice to relax, sleep in, sip hot coffee and tackle a lot of projects around the house. We will be kicking off 2014 with a very organized home.

We found out on Christmas morning that we will be welcoming a new member into the family in 2014! No, I’m not pregnant…my sister got engaged!

I may not have recorded all of the year’s major moments on the blog like I have in years past, but I think it’s safe to say that this year was one of our family’s best years yet!

I also think it’s safe to say that with a new job, turning 30 and a wedding in the family, 2014 will not disappoint.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve only got about 13 hours left of 2013 and a bunch of things left on my to-do list. I hope everyone has a very safe and happy new year’s eve.

From my family to yours, cheers to 2013 and here’s to an amazing 2014!

Our new Saturdays

Back when soccer sign up flyer came home from school with Rylee I admitted here that up until now I’ve purposefully avoided any real organized activities/sports for her. She wasn’t interested in playing soccer and I was totally fine with that. In fact I was happy about it because I couldn’t imagine adding one more thing on our already hectic evenings.

Andy and I talked more about it and we did think it was a good idea for her to start getting involved in
something. Almost out of the blue she mentioned she’d like to try gymnastics. So I made a few phonecalls, got some info and we found a gymnastics academy close to us that had class times that worked well with our schedule.

Long story short, I signed her up for a trial day. We went. She loved it. And this morning was her first official day of gymnastics.

And so it begins…