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Oooh Life

I almost started out this post by saying that this last weekend was just what I needed. Then I remembered that’s pretty much how I started my post about my New Year’s weekend. Is it really possible to have two weekends in a row that are that good? Am I tempting fate by putting that out in the internet-world? Does that mean that this weekend will just downright suck? Perhaps.

This weekend we tackled part of our new year’s resolution of revamping our laundry room/pantry space. Then that morphed into tackling Ry’s closet and our office/play room the next day. We also hit up costco. Andy went shooting with a buddy. And the girls and I spent some much needed time playing outside. In the SUN! Slowly but surely our house is getting into order. I sense this weekend will be another busy one with organizing and purging. I need to finish the office area. We’re getting rid of the GIANT desk that is used for nothing more than to stack papers on top of. I seriously can’t wait!

I’m eyeball deep in tradeshow prep at work. This is our first major tradeshow as a company so this week/two beforehand is extra important for me and my Type-A self. So, please excuse the photo dump…that’s pretty much all I’ve got the time for at the moment. One day I may return to some sort of real blogging.

Someone has been practicing her sitting up skills…she was doing pretty well on Saturday and was making herself belly laugh every time she realized she was sitting on her own.


Rylee was super into the shelving project. The checker at the home improvement store let her scan everything with the handheld scanner. Then she helped Andy with all the leveling and stud finding…legit doing it by herself. Andy was having a blast doing the project with her. It was the sweetest thing to sit back and watch.


Safety first, friends!


The mostly finished product! Horray for smarter use of space! {Boo for how much that shelving stuff costs! Holy crap}


Her closet has been like straight out of the movies, if you open it you’re not sure if you’ll be taken out by a toy avalanche. Don’t tell Rylee, but while she wasn’t looking I started throwing stuff away.


Go ahead and file this under heart-melting moments. Rylee is such an amazing big sister. Seriously almost makes me cry. {Side note: WHEN DID I BECOME SUCH A SAP!?!?}


Our front yard. Amazing day.


MUD PIES! What’s hilarious is how Ry is still, 3 days later, so shocked I let her play in the mud. What she doesn’t realize is that this was so me when I was her age. I LOVED playing in the mud when I was little. She was building a robin’s nest, by the way.


I think we’re finally starting to get the hang of the work/fun balance thing. At least I hope we are.

Our little family of four is settling quite nicely into itself. I love them. So much.

Easter Weekend

I have no clever title for this post.

Long story short? Easter weekend rocked my socks off! Rylee was, for the most part, a total dream.

So into all things Easter related!

Saturday was filled with grocery shopping and baking and prepping. Rylee helped make strawberry swirl cupcakes before her nap. Then washed up the plastic eggs that she was leaving for the Easter Bunny to stuff with candy and hide while she was sleeping.

Sunday there was church {she was amazing!}, followed by an Easter egg hunt put on by the youth group {she was so stoked!}.


Then back to our house where she finally found the Easter Basket the Easter bunny hid for her {excitement ensued!} then there was family and dinner {home-smoked turkey breast? Yes please!} and lots of time playing outside {hooray for the sun!}.

I didn’t take any photos other than what I snagged on my phone, and you know what? I’m perfectly ok with that. I would much rather be soaking up the family time, the cuddles, the giggles and everything else that makes this girl herself, than running around trying to take the “perfect” shot.

Hope everyone else had a loverly Easter too!

Love & Laughter is where it’s at.

These days, weeks seem to fly by. And the weekends seem to go even faster.

There’s our jobs. There’s laundry and dinner and dishes and meal planning and grocery shopping. There’s a never ending list of things that have to be done outside. Let’s not forget about actually giving the kid some attention somewhere in all of that. Oh, and that guy called my husband…he’s kind of important too.

I’m afraid to think about how fast everything will go when Rylee is in school and playing sports. And what about when we throw another kid into the mix!? I don’t even want to think about it.

Sometimes it’s tough trying to find balance in it all.

Take this last weekend for example…by the end of the day yesterday I was in a haze, wondering where the weekend went and how come we never get any quality family time. But, when I started to look at it more closely, I found there was plenty of time together…

Friday night we went on a family date to a college basketball game to watch one of Andy’s former students play. There was popcorn! And dancing to watch at halftime!

Saturday there was a big, hearty dinner of pork roast, mashed potatoes and fresh applesauce! Followed up by a little hubby-wife time spent watching Captain America.

Sunday there was leaf kicking! Pond looking! Mud stomping! Apple Picking! Fall decorating! Banana muffin baking!

There was a lot of time spent apart through the weekend. Like me going to a baby shower on Saturday and Andy working on fencing all day on Sunday. How do we balance it all? I have no idea, but we make it work.

At the end of every day, our lives are so full of love and laughter.

That’s all the balance we need.

What it’s really about…

Dear Rylee,

I’m not normally one for writing you letters, but I wanted this to be about me sharing a special memory with you and not just documenting it for the sake of sharing it with others.

Last week, you asked me if you could go hunting with me. You see, ever since I got my deer last year, you have been so curious about it.

So, last Saturday, your grandad and I took you out on your very first hunting trip. ┬áThe days leading up to the hunt, we talked about it a lot. You asked me if you could shoot my gun. I told you maybe next summer when you were bigger. Your eyes twinkled. You were shocked to hear that you already had your very own gun. We talked a lot about safety after that. What you can and cannot shoot. Where you always point your gun. What colors we wear when we’re out hunting. Things like that. We want you to be safe, my love.

When the day finally came, you were so excited. You got to drive the gravel roads with Grandad. You glassed clear cuts with binoculars right alongside Grandad and me. You carried your ear protection with you…just in case. For the most part, you were quiet. At one point, as I was walking ahead of you and grandad, all I could hear were your little boots pounding on the gravel road and you whisper-yelling “wait up!, wait up!”. I turned around and squatted down and you ran to me with a big smile. We’ll continue to work on that as you get older. :) After a while, you were ready to be done, but you were such a good sport when we kept going.

We kicked up a few doe that day…but like you said, “no antlyers”. You know what though? That’s ok. As you grow, you’ll learn that going hunting isn’t just about killing something…

It’s about getting outside. It’s about breathing in the crisp fall air after a rain. It’s about seeing the sun rise. It’s about being a responsible hunter and practicing your shots. It’s about respecting nature and all of God’s creations. It’s about respecting your quarry enough to only take a clean shot – no matter how big the antlers are. It’s about keeping as much meat as possible to help provide for your family. It’s about spending time with those you love – even if it is in silence. It’s about passing on traditions and passions. It’s about realizing what a blessing it is to have the ability to enjoy all of these things.

Some of these things you’ve already learned…some of it will come with time. I’m looking forward to teaching you and showing you more. I hope your excitement never fades and that the twinkle in your eyes never dims.

I am so proud of the person you’re becoming.

I love you so much, sweet girl.