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Reese Said What!? – 4 year old edition

Yesterday Reese turned 4. Hard to believe, but I guess that’s how time and math work.

We had a pretty low key day because I had a softball game that night so her family party is tomorrow night.

The first thing she said when she woke up yesterday was, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!” {Seriously, how a kid can be SO awake and full of energy and loud within in minutes of waking up blows my mind.}

We let her open some presents after she woke up from nap, and she wanted to eat nachos for dinner. While I was at my game Andy took the kiddos to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream.

Then the first thing out of her mouth this morning, “Mom, am I still 4?”


This photo is from 4th of July. But like the “World’s Okayest Mom” that I am, I didn’t take a single photo on her birthday.

Thirty is…

…Flossing my teeth more. No, still not daily but anything has got to be better than the few days leading up to a cleaning, right?

…Doing the dishes every night. I hate doing dishes.

…Drinking coffee with less creamer. Turns out I really DO like the taste of coffee.

…Fixing my hair instead of just pulling it back wet. Thank you short cut.

…Guiltlessly Letting go of things, and garbage, I know I don’t have time to worry about. I’m looking at you, drama.

…Embracing and appreciating my close friends, near and far. But wishing the far was also near.

…Being more mindful of what I put into my body. Turns out Brussels sprouts are delicious.

I rang in thirty a few months ago but it was more about being able to throw a big awesome party rather than an actual celebration of my birthday. The dirty thirty white trash bash will live on in infamy– and #KatsWTB on instagram. 

I know some people that make turning thirty this big, monumental, terrible thing. I’m just not that way. I didn’t stress about it. I love growing older. Life is pretty freaking amazing and it’s just going to continue getting better. Why not celebrate that?

Hey thirties, hey. Can’t wait to see what kind of awesome you hold.

And next year? Mark your calendars for the Dirty Thirty White Trash Bash, part DUH.


Yup. Let’s do this. #KatsWTB

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Six Whole Years

I swear I didn’t forget about my kid’s birthday this year. Life has just been hectic and such.

Her birthday came and went like a blur. We had our first ever not-at-home party and it was pretty great. We did a bowling party, complete with little plastic bowling trophies for each of the 9 kiddos.



After her friend party we headed home and had the family over for Tacos (of course).  All in all a good day and my girl was feeling the love.

As for her 6-year interview? I love doing these things…every year I ask some of the same standard questions, then some Facebook friends chime in with questions they’d like me to ask her.

This is officially the 4th year I’ve done the interview and I think I’m going to go through some of the previous interviews and see how her answers have changed over the years. Don’t worry, I’ll report back.

Then vs. Now…The girls at 1

Looking though all of the photos from Reese’s party made me reminisce Ry’s first birthday party. So, I thought it’d be fun to do a “side by side” of both the girls on their first birthdays.

First Reese…

Jul 21, 20132 Now Rylee… {for the record, she still gives us that side eye look.}Photos Now both girls side by side. SistersatOne_sidebyside

This post has no point. I just love looking at photos of the girls when they’re about the same age.

Happy Wednesday!

A Party for Reese

My original plan was to pretty much do nothing for Reese’s birthday. She’s one, who cares was my thinking. Then Saturday morning while sipping my coffee and writing out my grocery list, I was thinking about snacks & beverages for the party. I thought a lemonade stand would be fun and then it all spiraled from there.

The lemonade stand was kind of the center of the party…lemonade, sun tea, frozen fruits to put in the lemonade. Mason jars, paper name tags tied with twine and paper straws were a hit. There was also a giant tub full of other beverages; soda, beer, etc.  Then I had a “Summer is Sweet” table with different kinds of candy, I had a “Cool off with a Sno-Cone” station (the kids LOVED that), and a “snack stand” with chips & dips, a veggie tray etc.

Jul 21, 2013
I ordered cupcakes for the first time ever, {I normally make them} and I’m officially a convert. While she wasn’t so sure about 20-30 people standing around singing at/to her, Reese loved her cupcake.

Jul 21, 20131


We ended the party by opening her gifts. For being 1 she seemed pretty into it.



All in all, it was pretty low-key. Just family and our closest friends gathered around to celebrate our sweet Baby Reese. Exactly what I had envisioned.