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4th O July Recap

I know I’m a few days late here folks but I’ve been enjoying these last two days off. Soaking up all the sunshine and family time I can get. Do you blame me?

I didn’t think so.

Moving right along…

Our 4th of July was nothing short of perfect. Well, as perfect as it can be while missing the man of the family but Rylee and I made the most of it!

We started out the morning going on a hike with cousins we never see nearly enough. It was so great to spend some time with them. The hike was pretty easy (perfect for carrying an extra 30+ pounds on your back!) and it was gorgeous!

(click the photo to enlarge)

After we got home I turned a movie on for Rylee so I could shower and make the nearly-world-famous “Marlene Dip” for our Fourth of July party. We go to the same party every year. Andy’s been going for the last 15+ years and I’ve gone for as long as Andy and I have been together! It’s always a ton of fun and there’s I’m not even kidding…I’m pretty sure I ate an entire day’s worth of calories in the span of about 2 hours! This year the gathering was smaller than normal, but it was perfect. Rylee had a great time playing with her buddy “Tee-an” (as she calls him). She is still not a huge fan of fireworks so we stayed until she told me she was ready to go home.

I’m still busy catching up on things…how was your 4th of July?

Recipe: Really awesome dip that has no official name

If you’re in the market for a new BBQ/pot-luck/football game friendly crowd-pleasing appetizer you have come to the right place! My mother in law is pretty much famous for this Mexican Dip and is pretty much shunned if she doesn’t bring two pans of it to the annual 4th of July Bash we attend every year. It’s that good. She shared the recipe with me a few years ago, and ever since Andy and I have been taking it to pretty much any BBQ we attend!
Now, before I go sharing this recipe, you have to promise me one thing…just because you have this little piece of awesome, you still have to invite us over for BBQ’s. Deal? Seriously…not joking. Andy wanted me to make sure and point this out. Ok?
Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way…
Officially, we have no idea what the name of it is.
Unofficially, we call it “Mom’s Mexican Dip”.
Seriously…try it. You will love it. And you will thank me.
1- 28 oz Can Refried Beans (or 2 regular size cans. Whatev.)
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Pack Taco Seasoning
1- 7 oz Green Taco Sauce (or ½ the 14 oz jar if you’re like us)
16 oz Sour Cream
Cheese, shredded
Olives, sliced
Brown ground beef, and prepare as instructed on taco seasoning packet. While the meat is cooking, spread beans in the bottom of a 9×13 pan. In a medium bowl, mix together sour cream and taco sauce. Once meat is ready, spread evenly over the top of the beans. After that, spread the sour cream mix. Then top GENEROUSLY with cheese. Seriously…error on the side of A LOT. Sprinkle with sliced olives. Cover with aluminum foil (remember to spray the foil w/ non-stick spray!). Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy. BOOM.
Ok it’s your turn…what’s your favorite go-to dish for BBQs?

Rylee is ONE!

Well, she’s older than one now, but I have been VERY bad about posting…obviously since my last post was before Rylee’s birthday. We have taken quite a few photos in the last month and a half and I have some definite catching up to do. I will try my very best! I will start with her birthday and go back/forward from there. The last photos I posted are from March!!

Rylee’s birthday went off without a hitch. We had a big BBQ out at our home. The weather was perfect, Rylee was in a fantastic mood and the food was good. My sister Kelli even came from Chicago for the celebration! I borrowed the nice camera from my work and my sister Kristen played photographer. She ended filling up the memory card twice! There are a few shots from the party. Rylee loved her Carrot cake cupcake…and her new pink .22!!