My New Vacation Fund Plan

Remember a couple of months ago where I shared my life-changing advice for saving for college tuition? I’m pretty sure 6 weeks in and we already have at least one kid’s books paid for an entire year.

Well, here I am back at it again ready to change lives!

School is back in (thank goodness). And it’s amazing how easily I blocked out my least favorite part of my day… the morning routine of getting the kids to school.

First, a little backstory:
When Andy and I were engaged, we went to a going away party for a family from our church. At the barbeque, they presented us with a wedding gift. It was a “Love Pig.” Basically, you put a dollar in the piggy bank every time you knock boots. And while 20-year-old me was super embarrassed to open that gift and read the story of the love pig in front of an entire group of people from our church, including our pastor, that silly pig paid for our trip to Hawaii after only 8 years! So … well done us!

Fast forward¬†5 years since Hawaii and now 3 kids, I’ve decided I have a new way to fund a future vacation! I’m not saying that the pig isn’t being fed on a regular basis, I just think my new way will expedite the funds…

Every time I have to tell a kid “worry.about.yourself.” in the mornings, I will put a dollar in a jar.

Our kids are at the ages where they are always at each other for something. So much tattling. So much whining. So much bossing. “Worry about yourself” is on regular rotation.

On the VERY first day of school, I said it no sooner than 15 minutes after all three of them were awake.

If it gets really bad, maybe I’ll make them pay with their own money.

Who knows… I’ll either have a luxury vacation funded within the year or we’ll be broke.

The second edition of my money-management/investment/parenting book should be out soon.

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