Reese Said What!? – 4 year old edition

Yesterday Reese turned 4. Hard to believe, but I guess that’s how time and math work.

We had a pretty low key day because I had a softball game that night so her family party is tomorrow night.

The first thing she said when she woke up yesterday was, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!” {Seriously, how a kid can be SO awake and full of energy and loud within in minutes of waking up blows my mind.}

We let her open some presents after she woke up from nap, and she wanted to eat nachos for dinner. While I was at my game Andy took the kiddos to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream.

Then the first thing out of her mouth this morning, “Mom, am I still 4?”


This photo is from 4th of July. But like the “World’s Okayest Mom” that I am, I didn’t take a single photo on her birthday.

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