Oh by the way…

I’m pregnant.

Yup. It’s true.

And I know you’ve got all sorts of questions (everyone has) so to save on time, and since I’m clearly lacking any sort of creativity with this announcement, I thought I’d lay it all out there in FAQ form.

But wait…I thought you said you guys were done after two. Yup. We did. Funny how those things work out, hey? With the utmost respect for my husband, our uh bedroom life, and my friends struggling with infertility I will not go into details on how it happened but just know that yes, an “accidental third pregnancy” is a thing that can happen.

When are you due? October 4th.

But isn’t that like…a week after my sisters wedding? Yes. Please refer to FAQ number one.

So that means you’re how far along already? 15 weeks. Insane I know. I’m having a hard time keeping track of it myself…probably because I mostly just keep forgetting I’m pregnant in the first place. Thank goodness for my phone lighting up and telling me every time we start a new week.

Geez already!? So are you going to find out it it’s a boy or a girl? Duh! I’ll make that appt during my 16 week appt next week. Early to mid May maybe? {Update: Ultrasound appointment has been made for Monday, May 12!!}

Oh I bet you’re hoping for a boy! First off, sure yes, a boy would be great. But girls are pretty awesome too…I would know I already have two of them. And with our track record I’m assuming number three will be a girl as well and I won’t be any more or less disappointed one way or the other.

Well at least you still have all of your baby stuff... Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahah…once again please refer to FAQ number one. We do have some stuff. And a lot of the other stuff I gave to family members and I’m able to temporarily borrow it back. But we will have some holes to fill in.

So are you excited? Well I won’t sit here and tell you I was jumping up and down the day I found out…my reaction was more that of somethings a truck driver or sailor would say followed by wanting to burst into tears and/or laugh hysterically and/or barf…and not from morning sickness. Once the initial shock wore off and we crunched our budget numbers and we got more used to the idea of…gulpthree kids we came to realize that it’s all good. Excited? I don’t know…maybe that’s not quite the right word. But it will be an adventure for sure!

I’m pretty sure we need to start buying lottery tickets.

8 thoughts on “Oh by the way…

  1. Kristi

    I am so happy for you! The best things are the unexpected right?
    PS- Has anyone ever told you when reading your blog in feedly all these weird spammy ads for things like cialis and viagra show? Okay anyways… congrats!

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      Thank you!! This was definitely something that was meant to be. :)

      And yes, I knew about the spammy stuff…I was working w/ someone to get it fixed then it never ended up happening. Ugh.

  2. Karey

    How did I miss this for two whole days!? ;)


    I completely understand your excitement that also started out as cuss words. Been there done that (twice actually). Sometimes the surprise babies (ahem – our number three *and four*) are the ones you sort of just take deeper breaths with and appreciate each moment with a little more because they were sort of unplanned "bonus" babies (not loved any more than the others at all, just not expected).

    Anyway, I'm so excited for you guys! You're amazing parents so obviously your family is just going to have blessings multiplied through this awesomeness. :)


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