Snow Day

Back in December we got a bunch of snow here. It was a Friday and I don’t particularly love driving in the snow/ice if I don’t have to plus we had a busted pipe from the night before so I ended up taking a Snow Day.

Andy and Rylee were stoked to be able to get out and play. Just like driving, I don’t particularly love playing in the snow either, but I do love watching Andy and Ry have a blast and I couldn’t wait to see what Reese would think of her first snow experience.

Our buddy that’s a plumber came out that morning to help fix our broken pipe and he brought his kids so they could all play together after the pipe was fixed. The big kids had a blast…and yes, I’m including Andy and our buddy Jim in that group. Reese? Well that was a whole different story. Homegirl wanted nothing to do with the snow. She had more fun watching the big kids from the window.

Oh well, Maybe next year.




Then the entire next week was super cold and all schools in the area were cancelled…for the entire week.

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