I wake up to my alarm…it’s been going off for 5 minutes at least. Holy shit, did I even sleep at all? As badly as I want to hit the snooze button I get up. {minus 3}

Time to make lunch…let’s see…half PB&J, string cheese, chips, water…she needs some fruit. Banana. Check. {minus 2}

Reesie, you need to come sit down while you eat that cereal. Stop running around please. I don’t want you to choke.” {minus 5}

Rylee get up and get dressed. You cannot miss the bus.” {minus 5}

Reese stop standing on the chair…you need to sit on your bum.” {minus 2}

Dante’s food bowl needs to be filled up. Can’t forget his treat. {minus 1}

Today is the last day of school before Christmas…Can’t forget to take the teacher gifts. {minus 5}

Oh, Ry, your Christmas program is tonight…do you want me to pack you a dress to wear?” {minus 2}

As I put Rylee’s new dress, pink leggings and fancy shoes in the bag on the floor my hair brushes against my face. I tuck it behind my ear and look down…my hair is a hot mess and I’m wearing a puffy vest, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and an old pair of shoes. Hmm…maybe I should change real quick.

I reach into my reserves…empty.


No fucks left to give.

I shrug my shoulders and walk out the door.

3 thoughts on “Zero.

  1. Erin

    This is awesome and hilarious and sounds so much like my morning. Yesterday I knew I didn't have any meetings and I had pulled a sweater on that was just laying on my floor to get ready in. When it was time to actually get dressed for work I thought, eh, this is comfortable and Iook decent enough. So I threw on some pants and a scarf and called it a day. No fucks left to give. ;) That's should be a hashtag. Happy Friday!

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