Where do I begin…5 is simultaneously blowing my mind and making me want to cry.

Five is full of big, huge monumental things…not only for the little 5 year old, but also the parents.

Five brings kindergarten. And new friends. And packing a lunch every day.

Five brings out the wacky and the sweet.

Five is booster seats and real seat belts.

Five brings out the legit independence…as in “Go brush your teeth” and know it actually gets done kind of independence and not just “I DO IT MYSELF” kind of independence.

Five lets the sense of humor shine.

Five brings out the little white lies that leave you wondering where they learned how to do that so well.

Five brings out the awareness of…certain things…and only wanting to tell mom those things and not dad.

Five brings the sass like you never thought possible…I fear the teenage years that lie ahead.

Five brings some impressive and scary understanding of complex things.

And as of last night? Five brings the first visit from tooth fairy…



Miss Rylee Vivian…five is your jam.

You are witty and funny and at times you say things that are years beyond you and it cracks me up to hear such a little body say something like, “well ya know…like the old saying goes…”

You are silly and have a wonderful imagination. You are thoughtful and caring and selfless.

Hear me right now, I love the person you are becoming. You are perfect. You are smart. You are beautiful. And I hope you never change.


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