Second kids do almost everything faster.

Sometimes I feel like these last nine months have been a whirlwind. Time is going by so fast. I looked down at my sleeping baby last night and thought how un-baby-like she seemed to me all of a sudden.

I started thinking about it and it seems like she is doing everything before Rylee was when she was a baby.

I often joke that Reese will be the one to keep me on my toes. Give me premature grey hair.

Her teeth for example, at 9 months of, Ry had 2 teeth. Reese? 8. EIGHT.

She started crawling earlier. She was pulling herself up to standing earlier. She was interested in food at an earlier age. Opening drawers earlier. She started climbing on the coffee table the day she started crawling.

See? On.My.Toes.

So far pretty much the only thing she didn’t do earlier was sleep though the night.

The latest thing she’s doing earlier than her older sister? Throwing fits.



This was this morning. When I had the audacity to put her down so I could pack up our stuff to leave. {Excuse the blurryness. I may or may not have been laughing at my baby.}

I’m not even kidding, at one point she lay down completely, including gently setting her head on the floor, and just wailed.

That’s one thing I definitely could have done without for a while longer.

I think I feel my grey hairs starting to grow.

One thought on “Second kids do almost everything faster.

  1. karey

    Keep having them. By the fourth they're so sssslllloooowwww at everything because everyone else does it for them. Fischer does not crawl. Does not pull himself up. Does not even come close to having a desire to walk. He barely rolls himself over (he totally CAN, he just rarely feels like doing it). What he does do? Sign language to get what he wants (and that boy knows a lot of sign). He also only has 2 teeth, but I'm pretty sure it's because he's just lazy in every.area.there.ever.was. Haha. I love him though.

    Also? That's the cutest fit-throwing-picture I have ever seen. She's adorable even when she's being naughty. Haha!


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