First Annual Egg Hunt

So one night a couple of months ago, Andy & I were lying in bed and he said, “you know what would be fun?”

Then I told him I was too tired.

Then I laughed ¬†and laughed, because sometimes I’m witty.

Anyway, he told me he thought it’d be fun to host a big Easter Egg hunt for all of our friends and their kids. Emphasis being on, “our friends”. He wanted to put on an egg hunt for adults. I was game.

So an evite went out, plastic eggs & goodies were procured.


All in all, we stuffed and hid around 500 eggs…just over 150-ish eggs for the adults filled with scratch-it tickets, candy and other stuff like seed packets and fishing lures. All the rest were for the kiddos filled with candy, change and various goodies like temporary tattoos and stamps.

Andy zoned off an area around the play structure for the kids, complete with traffic cones and twine. Then he & Rylee hid all the adult eggs back in the trees. I stayed at the play structure with the kids when the adults went on their “hunt” so I didn’t get any photos, WOMP.

We had 12-14 kiddos and about the same number of adults that came out. We kept lunch simple with a build your own sandwich bar. We spread out some blankets and all the kiddos picnicked outside before the big egg hunt.

The weather was gorgeous and we’re pretty sure everyone had a good time.

We can’t wait to do it again next year!

4 thoughts on “First Annual Egg Hunt

  1. karey

    What a fun idea! I love that you guys not only come up with these crazy-cool ideas, but you actually follow through and DO them. WIN.

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