Another Quickie

Mind out of the gutter people!

I’m only in the office 3 days this week so my to-do list is packed.

Andy was working down at the rental pretty much all weekend {new renters moving in this weekend! yay?} so it was just the girls and me for the majority of the time. Which, by the way, was fine by me since I’ll be gone this coming weekend and he’ll get them all to himself.

Saturday was a pretty normal weekend day for us. I did my meal planning and made a grocery list then the girls & I hit the grocery store. Got home, had lunch, put the girls down for nap. I washed/folded/put away a lot of laundry this weekend. A friend had come over to help Andy trim the crap out of the apple tree down at the rental so we grabbed pizza for dinner. I freaking love pizza.


Sunday the girls & I met my cousin for coffee and a walk along the river. It was great to get out and enjoy some of the last few days of sun before Oregon weather really sets in and it was really great to spend some time with my cousin! Even though she only lives a few minutes away, life tends to get in the way. {that seems to be the case with most things, right!?} Reese was clearly not impressed with our coffee stop and I’m pretty sure that blueberry muffin went straight to the crazy part of my kid’s brain!


Ry had a blast switching between riding her bike and walking. {country girl still needs some work on her bike path etiquette.} Reese slept the entire time, of course.


When we got back to the Jeep Ry munched on a snack and we continued to visit. Then I fed Reese in the car while Rylee picked all the m&m’s out of her trail mix. {mom of the year right here folks!} After Reese was done, Rylee snapped a few pics with my phone.


Last night I went to town scrubbing down the kitchen sink and counters. Such a rewarding feeling! {holy crap, I’m a boring adult.}

It was nearly long enough, but all in all, a great weekend. Happy Monday!

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