Boobs = NBD

Just a week before Reese was born, I sent out a plea for help to the interwebs. How should I explain breastfeeding to Rylee!? I was freaking out.

Turns out? You guys are way smarter than me. But, of course I knew that already, hence me asking you for your advice!

I opted not to “prep” Rylee with any sort of talk before Reese was born.

On the day Reese was born, immediately after she was…uhh…out (?)…we had skin to skin time and she began to nurse right away.

She nursed and nursed and nursed.

It didn’t seem like she’d ever stop, and Rylee was anxious to see her baby sister so we let her come in the room. She asked what Reese was doing, I explained that she was eating. Rylee looked a little confused so I explained to her that some mommies feed their babies this way and others use bottles. She seemed content with that answer and asked when it would be time to give Reese her bath.

Since then, it hasn’t been a “big deal” at all. She is curious, like any 4 year old would be. She asks questions. Especially when it comes to pumping. I answer them honestly and as thoroughly as I can. When she’s happy with the answer, she moves on and never mentions it again.

She’s caught me off guard with how nonchalant she’s been about the whole thing.

Like…when I was telling her I needed to go into the office one day last week, not realizing I was taking Reese with me, she became super concerned and said “But what if Sister gets hungry!?” Then when I told her I was taking Reese with, she was concerned about my coworkers seeing me while I fed her.

And one day last week I was in the bedroom feeding Reese when Rylee came in and sat next to us on the bed. Reese must have had a gas bubble or something because she unlatched and started crying. I brought her up to my shoulder to try and console her. Next thing I know, Rylee is looking at me, at my boob and back at me. Points to my nipple and says “uhhh…mom…you’re…dripping.”

The other day, as I was helping her get dressed, she asked me if kids have milk in their breasts.

Pretty much any time Reese cries, Rylee will shout to me “Mom, I think Reese is hungry again!” or “I think you need to feed Sister!”

And my favorite question so far…{asked as she’s motioning toward my chest} “Um, mom? What’s the nice word you want me to use for those things again?”

Moral of the story? I never should have underestimated my kid. Because she’s awesome.


5 thoughts on “Boobs = NBD

  1. Nanette

    Love this! This morning my gal saw me changing for the gym and asked if the baby was in my breasts. I reminded her that no, it's in Mommy's belly. So then she asked what the breasts were for, and I said, "Well, they're actually for feeding the baby some day, like I fed you!" And she was like, "Ah, ok." And that was that! :)

  2. OT and ET

    LOVE HER! it's funny because i didn't even think about this. granted i have quite a few hippie type friends so Otto's been exposed to breastfeeding-in-the-room forever but i'm glad it didn't occur to me to worry about it (probably the only thing i didn't worry about) cuz he's so "NBD" just like Rylee. soooo anyways, what IS the nice word you wanted her to use? my guess is nahnahs :)


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