Work With…Style?

I’ve had a ton of fun linking up and “playing along” with Liberating Working Moms “Working with Style” posts.

But lately? Style?…well, let’s use that term loosely.

At first, it was easy to share my favorite outfits/looks. But after a few weeks, there were lots of repeats. And not too long after the repeats were plaguing me, I got pregnant, and while all my clothes still fit fine, I was really, really tired, work was extra busy/stressful and I just fell into a slump.

There’s been a lot of jeans a sweatshirts lately…

Once in a while there’s a glimmer of home…look! Something besides a sweatshirt! {Forget about the fact that my face & hair are a total mess..hence not being pictured}

Oh hey, here’s one where I’m even wearing my hair down. BAM! But, welp, there’s another sweatshirt. So…half-win?

Next Saturday I’m the one hosting the link-up so I promise I’ll make more of an effort!

Now, here’s hoping the second trimester is more friendly to me than the first.

4 thoughts on “Work With…Style?

  1. Tracy

    When I was pregnant, I lived in jeans, and a pair of black maternity dress pants, while working. As a teacher I kind of got a pass. I could dress down, if you will. I'm sure once you start feeling better, your WWS posts are going to kick ass! Can't wait to see that bump :)

  2. Life With Ladies

    That fricken second picture makes me giggle EVERY.DAMN.TIME I see it…LOL. It's just so…real:)
    I gotta be honest, if these Working With Style posts went up while I was pregnant? Boy howdy I'd either have avoided them like the plague or you'd have seen some doozy excuses for outfits thrown together & a whole lotta ponytails:)

  3. BabeChilla

    Some days I want to burn all my sweatshirts so that I am FORCED not to just wear a sweatshirt and jeans on the weekend, but then? I have no sweet clue what I would wear.


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