Wow, has it been a week already?

Work has been insane, so my typical lunchtime blogging has gone by the wayside, hence the lack of posting.

So, here’s the quick and dirty of what’s been going on our little life…

  1. Please to be noticing the epic outfit choice. Full of awesome, no? {For the record, she’s informed me she’s no longer wearing her jeans or carhartts and ONLY sweats and leggings because they are the most comfortable.}
  2. Someone has figured out how to write her own name…at 3.5 years old…and loves to write it all.the.time.
  3. We’ve also been making cards. Just for funsies.
  4. The weekends have consisted of a LOT of this.
  5. There’s also been a wee bit of daddy-daughter baking going on.
  6. Oh yea, and SNOW! Last week.
  7. Ry’s totally into my Kindle Fire.
  8. Remember how I said works been busy? I’ve been a final packaging fool!
  9. All that snow quickly turned into rain. Lots and lots of rain. And flooding. Andy’s school was even evacuated one day!
  10. Oh yes, and ice cream. Because…obviously.

Let’s see…what else? Oh yes, I’m fighting a cold right now. It sucks.

I’ll be headed back out traveling for work in February. It’s a show I’ve never been to in a state I’ve never been to. Should be an adventure!

I’m not so patiently waiting for my bloat to turn into a bump…I’m down to only 3 pair of jeans that still fit mostly comfortably. I’ll be washing up my maternity pants this weekend…so, any day now, right?

Oh yea, and today one of the posts I wrote over at Liberating Working Moms about leaving stress at the door is being featured on‘s home page! I know some, if not most of my readers won’t know what BlogHer is, but I promise, it’s something to get excited about!!

So yea, there’s the update. Oh, also, it’s Tuesday! We’re having tacos and I’m pretty sure there’s a new episode of NCIS on tonight!

2 thoughts on “Sooo…lately?

  1. OttosMom

    all good things except for his lame ass rain and your "so-called" bloating. you still look teensy weensy to me! and yay Rylee on the name writing!!! and yay on the tacos and ice cream. hope you beat this cold and hope to get together soon with you. xoxoxoxo


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