My Work Here is Done

Last week, exactly 9 days before Thanksgiving and 41 days before Christmas, Rylee and I were on our drive home when she noticed that things were…different.

There was a Frosty the Snowman scene painted on the window of a convenience store.

She noticed it as we drove by and huffed and snorted and let out a heavy sigh.

I said nothing.

Pretty soon, we could see houses twinkling away, adorned with lights.

She huffed and snorted and sighed again.

This time, I said, “What’s the problem, Ry?”

She huffed and snorted and even “tssk-ed” this time before answering me in a clearly irritated voice, “It’s NOT Christmas time yet! Why do they have snowmans and lights up!?”

And so I say…my work here is done.

3 thoughts on “My Work Here is Done

  1. Angie Matthewson

    I'm not really LOL'ing, but inside I am even LMAO! ;) That's FANTASTIC! I totally feel her. Yes, my tree is up – but that was a treat for my MIL (& a way to kill time with her), but I SO think Thanksgiving needs more props!

  2. Kelli

    bahaha. She is such her mothers daughter. Not going to say I love it because I am totally already listening to Christmas music and counting down the days (11) until I get my REAL Christmas tree! But I have to say sister, you have totally "respected the turkey!"


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