Enough with the pink already!

I am about to lose my damn mind over here, people.

Rylee has been all about a bike for the last few months now, so Andy & I decided Santa would bring her a bike for Christmas. I figured I’d start checking out our options.

Holy mother-trucking pink-glitter-unicorny decorated bikes. I about threw up in my mouth just browsing toys-r-us’s website.

I mean really, every single girl bike is either decorated with bright pink dolphins, or minnie mouse or dora or disney princess froo-froo crap. And they have names like “Shooting Star” or “Morning Glory” and “Ocean Mist”. Seriously…who in their right  mind wouldn’t throw up in their mouth when seeing names like those!?

So, naturally, I took a peek at the “boy” options. Those weren’t much better…it was all hulk, spider man and crap like that.

Who cares you say? Just get her a “girlie” bike you say? She loves Dora you say?

Well I say…

But she probably won’t love Dora forever.

And She doesn’t even know who the disney princesses are.

Not to mention if we bough her a pink, glittery unicorn bike our luck, our next kid would be a boy and, well folks, we just don’t have the money to be buyin’ new bikes for each of our kids. So, there will be hand-me-downs. {I didn’t get my very own new bike until I was in the 5th grade and it made it that much more special and awesome thankyouverymuch.}

Oh and there’s the little fact that I JUST DON’T WANT TO!

There are just no real options for “gender neutral” little kid bikes.

Don’t get me wrong, over the last few years, I’ve grown to love pink-ish girlie things a wee bit more than before I had a daughter, but too much of it still makes my stomach churn.

To get around all of this? We’re no, I’m  We’re spending $30 more than most any other bike available and buying her a red Radio Flyer bike.

Not girlie, but it also doesn’t scream “I’M FOR A BOY” either.


Now I just have to find her a decent little helmet.

{Don’t even get me started on those!}

15 thoughts on “Enough with the pink already!

  1. Babe Chilla

    THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING! I tried to even buy E a pair of daycare shoes – you know, on the cheap since she will destroy them almost as fast as she will grow out of them. Well HOLY BALLS all can find is princess crap, and Dora crap, and whatever doesn't have princesses or Dora on them look like a ball of glitter rainbows threw up on them. We don't want that for her, and I am the mother so I still get to say. The problem is, because it is shoved in her face all the time, it's a fight I will probably eventually lose.

    I know they are toddlers, I know they like bright things but WHY IN THE WHY do SHOES (or bikes, books, backpacks, hooded sweaters…..I could go on for literally DAYS) need to be so out of control? Hearts and glitter and rainbows OH MY. What about a pair of white sneakers, with some velcro and maybe a coloured sole? Anything. I have a box of hand me down shoes I hate for the same reasons. SO MUCH COMMERCIALIZING EVERYTHING.

    Screw gender neutral, at this point, I would just take not looking like Barbie vommed all over.

    AMAZING rant. I'm so glad other people share these sentiments.

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      Oh holy shit…don't get me started on the shoes!!! And, when she's a little older, I will let her choose her own stuff, if she wants to be all pink & glittery & fluffy, more power to her, I suppose. but for now? I'm putting my foot down!

  2. Whitney

    This makes me laugh! I would throw up as well! Already informed my family I didnt want that "crap" in my house! We bought Lily a Mini Cooper :) Seriously! Its Red and black little thing. And Im with you…When it comes Bike time…this one is CUTE! Good Choice!

  3. Anne

    I love this! I totally agree that there is no choice….but I think you found a really awesome option. As for helmets, they have some really fun ones that aren't all girly and hulk!

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! ;)

      Now, let's just hope when she's 14 and rebelling because I'm the worst mom in the world, she steers clear of pink cheeta print anything because that would totally send me over the edge! Haha

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  5. Brandy

    YES! YES! YES! I am not all NO COMMERCIAL stuff. Hell my child loves Thomas and Cars like whoa but part of that is being a boy. It doesn't bother me as much. I don't allow Dora in my house because she is annoying as hell. The girl stuff is really bad. The cheesy sayings on shirts, the slut dolls and the PINK! blech blech blech. If the next kid is a girl, she will wear a lot football and soccer and cars because that is what we have….and I am perfectly happy with that. Also? If landon wants a Little Mermaid shirt, have at it kid.

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      DORA SHOUTS AT EVERYTHING! (just like that). Those shirts with those sayings on them drive me nuts and my kid has NEVER had one of those and won't for as long as I can help it. Most of the time, I don't even buy her PJ's if they say something like "I'm cute" or whatever. No lie, I know everyone says girl clothes are so much more fun/cute than boy clothes, but I think I'd much rather dress a boy.


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