That felt good.

I’ve been threatening to do it for weeks now…

My bag had been in and out of my car multiple times. Rylee constantly grilling me about what that big yellow bag was for.

There were always reasons I couldn’t go.

After just feeling…blech lately, I decided no more excuses.

I put the bag back in my car again and at lunch? I went to the gym.

That? was just what I needed.

Granted, between drive time, changing/showering and actual workout, I was gone for an hour and fifteen minutes and there was only about 25 minutes total of actual working out, but it’s better than nothing right?


Oh Gym…I’ve missed you…

3 thoughts on “That felt good.

  1. Karey

    Awesome job! It would take A LOT of dedication for me to work out when I would normally be eating (did I just admit that?)… so good for you! ;)

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      Hahahah…I seriously love you! Yes, you admitted that. :) And I'll admit, I ate a big fatty snack right before I left, then stuffed my face with lunch when I got back.


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