An Easter Win and an Easter Fail

Ok, so I have a dilema.

Andy spoils me at Christmas and buys me a great new camera and during the “important” times like holidays, parties and such, I never take photos. I know it’s because I am busy prepping food and what not, but really? I should totally be able to be in two places at once because these photos from our awesome Easter weekend are just kinda lame…

On Saturday, Ry and I had a quick Target/grocery run, then I had to go into work for a few hours. Auntie Kristen arrived not long after I got home. We had a glorious hot dog and french fry dinner, then colored our Easter eggs!

{Uhhh…nice face kid.}

{All ready to go.}

{Rylee wanted nothing to do with Andy & Me…it was all about Auntie.}

{Having FUN.}

{Patiently waiting…}

And all of Easter…this? is the best picture I got on Easter morning? Really?

I did get a short video of Rylee finding her Easter basket. I will get that up at some point this week. And I know that Kristen took a few photos on her camera, so I’ll have her e-mail them to me and I’ll work on getting those uploaded later this week too.

Rylee was a serious kick in the pants…totally into the egg dying and egg hunting and Easter dress wearing and basket finding and appetizer eating.

And oh my word…speaking of eating…I ate (and drank) entirely too much. {Ok, well, I suppose I could have drank more, but that’s beside the point!} We had a nice spread of meats and cheeses and crackers for apps then moved on to Prime Rib, ham, mashed potatoes, salad, deviled eggs, asparagus and rolls for dinner. Then, we followed it all up with strawberry cheesecake and blackberry rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream and not to mention the occasion chocolate egg for dessert.

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