A Cute Photo and BIG News!

NO…the big news is not that I’m pregnant!

The big news is that today I am guest posting over on Brandee’s blog, Chill Mama Chill!

She’s a first time mama who, after a whole year of maternity leave, is back at work. To help make her life a little easier during this transition, she’s letting some other working mamas take over her blog with their “day in the life” stories.

It’s big news because this is my first-ever guest post!

So, be a dear and go check it out!

Oh Hai Mom!

Also? It’s TACO TUESDAY!!!

3 thoughts on “A Cute Photo and BIG News!

  1. Auntie Telli

    If I have to find out you are pregnant from the blog – there is going to be some smack downs sister ;)

  2. karey

    LOVED the guest post, but I gotta be honest – a little bit let down by the whole "announcement" gig. I was kinda hoping for baby. ;)


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