Really Kid? REALLY!?

I’m pretty sure that compared to Auntie Kristen, I’m nothing but chopped liver. I’ve always had the slight suspicion, but now? I have photographic evidence.

I mean, just look how sweetly Ry is smiling while sitting on her Auntie’s lap…

And I get this…

I mean come on…really kid!? Is it really that bad sitting on your mama’s lap? I gave birth to you…the least you could do is smile.
Turns out, not even empty threats work on a two year old.

It’s ok though. I’m not holding it against her. If I were her, I’d probably do the same thing. All of her aunties are pretty dang awesome.

Do you feel bad for me? You should. You know what would make me feel better? If you took a few seconds to spare a couple of clicks for me. Thanks in advance…I’m feeling better already!

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5 thoughts on “Really Kid? REALLY!?

  1. Whitney Morse

    Katherine, this is my first time reading your blog (cause I suck) and I freaking love it! It's so great to see you with your daughter and family! I love to see that you're still the freaking awesome person that I went to school with. Dude, you rock. And so does your family. Period. :)

  2. Auntie Kelli

    Love these pictures. I am trying to figure a way to put them all together as a collage and have them as my screensaver at work. So stinking cute!

  3. kris

    My daughters will post fabulously one at a time.

    Or with family members.

    Or with friends.

    Or with perfect strangers.

    But if I ask them to pose together? To allow me to take a picture of them as loving sisters? The looks on their faces?

    Captured forever?

    Resemble the look on your daughter's face.

    So annoying.


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