Extended Weekend? Sort of.

by katherine on May 29, 2012

Ry & I are home today. But not because we had planned on taking an extended long-weekend. Her mysterious non-stop cough is back. Along with a leaky faucet nose and a wheeze that just won’t die.

So we’re hanging out on the couch. She’s got a sippy full of juice and I’ve got a cup of coffee. We’ve got cartoons on and the Kindle Fire is charged. I’m hoping she’ll just naturally take it easy today…



So far so good though.

Later on today we’ll head out to pick up her inhaler prescription, buy a new humidifier (hers took a dump this morning) and I have my 32 week appointment for Baby Sister today.

Looking back on the weekend, I feel like we did both nothing and everything. If that makes any sense at all.

We went over to my uncle’s house for a BBQ celebrating my cousin’s college graduation. We went grocery shopping. We had a family movie night, popcorn and staying up way past bedtime included. We played legos…lots and lots of legos. We went to a birthday party on Sunday. Andy & Ry put together the crib. We pulled stuff out of Baby Sister’s closet that didn’t need to be there. The nursery is more trashed than it was last week, but I’ll still consider it as progress. We cuddled. We gave foot rubs. We had a lazy day on Monday. We slow-grilled baby back ribs. We made a double batch of creamy chicken taquitos all to freeze. Bonus: there was enough filling leftover to make them for dinner tonight!

See what I mean? We did a lot, but it was just enough to still feel like a relaxing weekend. Exactly what this little family needed!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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